The Bathroom Redo: My Nose Led Me to It

I am utterly amazed at how task driven I am these days. Amazed, and a little concerned about my priorities. Here’s how the bathroom redo came about:

Adelle and I share a bathroom because it is larger and has more storage and counter space for all of my girly items. Also, Josh and I have found that having separate bathrooms really is better for our marriage. True life.

We’ve been in this house for nearly two years and beyond buying a cute shower curtain when we moved in, I haven’t touched the girly bathroom. I don’t like the space, for one, and I kept thinking that we would paint. And that I would find SOMETHING to do with the tiny, awkward built-in shelves on either side of the mirror. Alas, it as not happened.

It all began with the Burt’s Bees Baby Wash, which smells like perfect summer honey. No kidding. This led me to try some of their grown-up products, which I happen to really like as well. That goldish yellow on the vintage-y designed bottles makes me happy. There’s no other way to say it!

And then I stumbled across the big Bath and Body Works sale at the mall one day and came home with their Wild Honeysuckle scent, which I’m sort of obsessed with because it makes me think of the playground at Nachman Elementary – when things were light and free and hiding under the slide with Tamara was about as dramatic as life got.

It came to me one night as I was lying awake in bed because, ya’ know, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and sleep is hit or miss in my world. I, fortunately, happen to have my best creative brainstorms while I’m “missing”. Bees – I’m totally into them right now. Bees and honey-esque things and that fun, golden, vintage-y look. And things that smell like honey, apparently. The tile in our shower is yellow. How can I work all this together without having to paint the bathroom or buy much of anything? How can I make it look great now before we have droves of family visiting in the Fall after Miss Marilee arrives? This is how:


The only things I purchased were the bathtub prints to go in the frames, the rugs, and the pretty towels. I used stuff I already had around the house to makes those blasted shelves look pretty. I used the bunting as a valance-type thing because I already had it, it’s fun and whimsical, and it adds a pop of color. I pulled out those pinwheels that I made last summer for a wreath and nailed them into some wooden shish-kabob skewers to compliment the valance. I found that sweet Proverbs printable on Pinterest and printed it from this gal’s site. I glued burlap to card stock and painted initials on them, incorporating the bees with our “B” for Blackwell. Aren’t I clever? I wanted to show you that as a money saver we’re still using our old faithful and obviously loved towels that we’ve had since Josh and I got married. They’re just hidden behind the door on a towel hook. And our closet still isn’t pretty but it is organized-ish. To fill the mason jars and glass containers, I just found stuff in the drawers that flowed with the colors of the bathroom!

$50 [on bath mats, decorative towels, and towel hook – all of which we needed anyway] and two days later, the bathroom was complete. And I’m pretty wild about it! It’s whimsical and a little bit girly without being over the top.

I hope this helps you find the inspiration to make your house a home by using what you have, a lesson I’m very focused on learning these days, and letting your creativity run a little bit. Inspiration is everywhere! What’s inspired you lately?

Coming soon, Sweet Rolls yumminess!

5 thoughts on “The Bathroom Redo: My Nose Led Me to It

  1. So, I've been cleaning the bathrooms this morning, and the more I think about it, I'm totally going to copy you. We have the same creamy, yellow colors on the walls and tile to work with, and it'll bring some whimsy into what will be a combo guest bathroom/Cora's bathroom/where I do my hair and make-up room (at least praying that will all work!). I also love the scent element that's involved! 🙂

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