The Last Eight Weeks

I know you’ve seen this pic a few times but I don’t really have anything current. This is pretty accurate, I’d say.

Every morning when we wake up Adelle asks me, “Mommy, we’re go somewhere today?” As of late, my answer is usually no. Why, you ask? Because that would require me putting real clothes on, which would require some real clothes to fit me acceptably. And also, an hour out of the house feels like a half-marathon to me. True life.

She is also enjoying barking orders at me these days – Get my snack. Fix my blanket. Find my baby. This requires that I respond with, “How do you ask nicely?” And she usually does, but being ordered around by a two year old, whether I allow her to get away with it or not, wears on a gal.

Marilee’s room is currently holding two sets of mattresses, one for her bed and one for the double bed that’s sitting out in the garage waiting to be painted. The armoir and the painting I did for our newest addition are the only two things that have been completed. Nothing else is actually assembled. It echoes in there. We have about eight weeks to go. Is this unsettling for anyone else? Because I’ve been working REALLY hard NOT to let it unsettle me, but I’m afraid I’m losing the battle.

I need to run some errands but that would require getting out of the house with a two year old, which we’ve established feels like running a half-marathon, which I’m pretty sure pregnant women should not do.

Adelle has watched no less than four hours of TV/day for the past week. Every time I think about it, I simultaneously feel glad that she will watch that much TV and supremely slacker-loser-ish in the mom category.

I woke up this morning wondering how I could get Adelle to her grandparents for three to five days – for her sake and mine – and then I felt/feel guilty. And wimpy.

Things aren’t rosy around here, but things aren’t bad either. And somehow God will give me the grace to push through. I would just really love it if I didn’t have to apologize to my girl EVERY day for snapping at her. Really, really love it.

How do YOU survive what feels very nearly unsurvivable? And please tell me I’m not the only pregnant woman out there who just doesn’t do these last eight weeks well. Make someone up if you must. That’d be fine with me.


6 thoughts on “The Last Eight Weeks

  1. Beth! Jay gone for four days and you very pregnant and a two year old with every bit as much spirit as mine AND a clingy one year old?! Somebody better get you a gallon of ice cream right this second! Thanks for making me feel better about life 🙂

  2. Hang on for that blessed second trimester and soak it up! I wish we could do it all side by side. Miss you!

  3. Oh, girl…enjoy it while you can because next go 'round you'll have no choice but to run the marathon!

  4. This was my favorite: "I need to run some errands but that would require getting out of the house with a two year old, which we’ve established feels like running a half-marathon, which I’m pretty sure pregnant women should not do."

    I've got 11 weeks left and no two year old, and there are days that rings true for me already!

  5. Hello, my dear, pregnant friend-I feel like that now and I have oh so far before the last eight weeks! It's tough when your body is busy supporting and carrying a baby because it just flat zaps the energy right out of you and that makes EVERY little thing seem like a daunting task (bc it kind of is a daunting task-especially in that lovely FL heat). Sending prayers your way from one exhausted mama to another!

  6. Oh girl… I feel your pain. I've got 10-12 weeks left, but the 2 year old full of personality and 15 mth old mommy's boy who is *slightly* needy. And this week daddy left for four days. I'm in complete survival mode. Whatever works. We ate takeout last night. Yes we did. And then I went to bed with the kids. Yep. I. Feel. You! Hang in there. Can't wait to see Marilee!! I will say, the end of my pregnancy with Tucker was much harder than the first few months of him being in our world. Something about being able to breath and move and not feel like you are radiating heat makes it easier… even when you are exhausted. Thanks for your honesty! So thankful for God's grace in our 'last days'. 😉

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