The Down and Dirty Truth about Miscarriages

In an age and a culture where life is devalued and babies are not babies until someone decides they are, miscarriages are sticky and confusing hurts. They are talked about rarely and overlooked largely – in pop culture and within the church. So what we miscarrying mama’s feel is garbled and weird – it’s a little indecipherable. I have compiled for you my real journey through the hardest year of my life…so far. There are summaries of the details of the actual events and how I moved through the hurt supplemented with the most honest thing I can offer – my blog entries from the days and weeks of that year. I want you to know that you are not crazy and you certainly are not alone. You are allowed to grieve and be angry all you want to, but one day you will feel like yourself again. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll feel like more of yourself than ever before.

Stay – Coming Soon.

We want it all to make sense. We want the equation to work. Respect him and he’ll love you. Love her and she’ll respect you. While the idea isn’t ridiculous and is biblically based, I want to offer some encouragement to all of you who are in a marriage that just doesn’t quite pan out that way, but you’re still showing up, loving and respecting the best you can today – or maybe you’re just showing up with a fair amount of unsureness and inability. Either way, if you are staying married simply because you promised God you would, you are winning. BUT it doesn’t have to end there. Coming soon, a practical look at marriage when it doesn’t feel good anymore and the quits are singing you soothing choruses just over the horizon. The equation may not always work but our God does, and He designed us to live full, thriving, AND committed lives in Him. Could that possibly include our marriages? Even when they feel impossible? Sign up for my email list for all the latest news on this upcoming project!