Sunday Sweet Rolls

Ah, my dear Sweet Rolls. How I do love thee – my community and my encouragement and my accountability and my laughter-til-tears. Truly, I do. And they love me, too. And each other a lot, which makes all of it work out so very nicely.

After the miscarriages, I took a break from leading the group and my friend April took charge with all the grace and passion I could’ve hoped for! As the group grew and I healed from my crazies and my heartbreak, I began to sense God leading me back to this incredible group of women. The group has grown and changed significantly since we first began and now we are two separate groups – The Wednesday night Sweet Rolls Bible Study group and also the Sunday afternoon/evening Sweet Rolls Accountability/Community group. Both groups study God’s Word together and both groups lift each other up in prayer. They just happen to fall at different times and seek to meet different needs. Some gals pick and choose and some gals attend both.

It’s kind of perfect!

April leads the Wednesday Sweet Rolls, and they are studying Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God right now.

I lead the Sunday Sweet Rolls, and we are currently studying through Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah.

Nehemiah is leaving an imprint upon us all. Because of what God is teaching us through it, one of us is gearing up to head overseas before the end of the year; one of us is putting one foot in front of the other in faith steps regarding what the next six months will hold for her; one of us is learning selflessness in her marriage and is already thanking God for the home He will provide for her family; one of us has rediscovered her passion for the poor and the broken, as well as made some connections in regards to how to do something about that passion; and one of us is going to write a book!

Now, tell me you do not want to get in on some of that God action. Not the kind that communicates prosperity but the kind that facilitates brave and changing hearts.

We are trying an experiment of sorts. We have, through Nehemiah, also discovered a desire to study God’s Word unaided by Bible Studies and outside opinions. We do not in any way think those are bad things, but we are excited to venture out on our own, Bibles in hand, and hearts open to hear from the Holy Spirit and no one else.

Enter Philippians.

We plan to go to our own separate corners each week and move through an assigned number of verses in Philippians, the joy book, jotting down notes and truly allowing God’s Word to stand on it’s own. Then we will gather together on Sunday afternoons and process what we’ve learned. I’m so excited to hear how God opens His Word to my gals in different ways than He opens it to me. How much we have to learn from each other!

We want to invite you to join us! If you live in the Orlando area and would like to join us, please leave a comment or shoot me an email, and I will get you all the info you need! If you do not live in the Orlando area or if Sunday afternoons just isn’t happening for you, we are going to share our discussions with you via podcast or video each Monday and then open the comments section of our up and coming Sunday Sweet Rolls Blog for discussion from you!

Are you excited? You are, right?! The joy party starts on July 22nd and winds down on August 18th, just in time for me to have this baby!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sweet Rolls

  1. Oh my. A podcast? I'm in.

    Incredibly thankful for each of the Sweet Rolls and all you have taught me. Thanks for sharing this and allowing me to be a part of what God is doing in and through y'all.

    Love you.

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