Funny how God works, eh?

Today I am grumpy.  
I’d like to pout shamelessly.  Watch Gilmore Girls all day long.  
Consume a Caniac Combo.
  Drink IBC Root Beer out of the bottle steadily until the carbonation starts to get to me.
  And eat Dove chocolate until I am sick.

And in the midst of typing this up for you, I got word about friends who have suddenly found themselves wading through a very painful, difficult situation.  And I am humbled.  And altered.  And sorry for being so darn selfish.  
Funny how God works, eh?

2 thoughts on “Funny how God works, eh?

  1. GURRRRL I love you! I have so enjoyed reading your posts….I too love Anne of Green Gables and am yes, a "kindred spirit"! I also LOVE Lisa Leonard….heart strings is one of my favorites but sooooo many…just love her and now Gilmore Girls….we need to seriously hang! So many similarities, I love it! I will be praying for your friends and yes the Lord puts us right where we need to be….always…He has a lovely way of doing that! God is soooooo good all the time and He will remain faithful for your friends too! You are such a blessing….grumpy, selfish, thoughtful, caring, generous and just a HOOT and a HOLLER!!!!! I think I could laugh all afternoon with you! XOXOXOXOX Shannon

  2. Em, wether its down and dirty or about your imperfect journey – I still love reading anything you write. Thank you for sharing your heart and life with the curious minds of the WWW like me! Love ya!

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