The Divinity About Us

I am so desperate to do it right.  I mean, look at her.  Wouldn’t you want to do it right?
To love her enough.  
Photo by my sister, Molly
To discipline her effectively so that she doesn’t get caught with her hiney in the air.
To show her how to run fast and hard straight toward Jesus.
But I find that I am clueless.  I am…well, I am just me.
Parenting is immensely humbling because no child is the same.  And because even if you are the best babysitter there ever was.  Even if you were BORN to love on kiddos…being responsible for molding a human being is a whole new ball game, folks.  And I all kinds of know it.  But God gave her to me.  And to The Hunk.  She is perfectly engineered to be molded by us – even with our ignorance and our brokenness and our humanity.  There is a Divinity surrounding this home that I must choose to embrace daily.  So that He can do it right – even amidst our imperfections.  

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