Grow roots, Sprout wings…

I never enter in giveaways.  Because I never win.  But I’ve been admiring Lisa Leanord’s jewelry from afar for months now and Flower Patch Farmgirl is hosting a giveaway by none other than the silver genius herself!  In order to enter, I have to choose ONE of her pieces that is most loudly callin’ my name across the blogosphere.  I found it immediately.

The grow roots, sprout wings necklace.

Because it is beautiful and unique AND incorporates words into its charm.  We know how important words are to me, right?

And the words…oh man do they wrap up what I’m steady tryin’ to be about.

Grow roots.  Sprout wings.

I’ve got the roots.  They run deep beneath the swampy surface of Southern Charm and a Gracious Family.  They are tangled amidst and beyond and between the Bible Belt.  Confidence and Humility.  Corn Bread and Chicken.  Jesus and country music.  

The wings are a little trickier for me.  Sometimes I am brave enough to extend ’em and do a little flyin’, but I almost always get nervous mid-flight and topple to the ground awkwardly.  I want to get to the place where I trust those beauts so implicitly that I feel the freedom to soar unabashedly until I decide it’s time to land…gracefully…for a little taste of those roots.  There’s so much I’ll never see without use of the wings.

Sprout wings.  Yes, please!

And that’s what I want for my family.  My kiddos.  My friends.  To help them form their roots and find their wings.

And there you have it 🙂

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