Just one more reason Anne and I are kindred spirits…

“I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’ve never been able to believe it. I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.”  -Anne of Green Gables 

I am choosing colors for Miss Magnificent’s big girl room.  And furniture.  And our grown-up bedroom.  And I have all these paint samples taped to the wall so that I can look at them every time I pass by and think, “Yes, I think I would be happy to look at that every day.”    The tricky part for me, though, is that words have always mattered.  At LEAST every bit as much as everything else matters.  And the names of the paint samples always matter!  

Por ehemplo [that’s Spanglish for “for example”]…

My dining room is Perfect Taupe.  I coulda gone with Porpoise or Muddy Creek because they were awfully darn close to Perfect Taupe but really, who wants a Porpoise dining room?  Same story for my Vintage Mauve study.  I like to think of the study as my space [sorry Hunk] and what isn’t inspiring and creative-ish about Vintage Mauve?  I don’t really even think the color matches the name…it’s a little more purple-y than mauve-y, but you get the idea.

So now I have narrowed Adelle’s room color choice down to two:  Aqua Breeze or Country Mist.  And I may possibly like the color of Aqua Breeze a little better.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll end up going with Country Mist.  Get ready to roll your eyes dramatically when I tell you why…I like to think of myself as a small town, country type of gal.  There’s something so perfectly delicious about a Country Mist.  I can see it falling across the rolling hills of a beautiful farm – refreshing the wildflowers with its pretty blue, transparenty self.  

See it in the background?  Ahhhh…doesn’t that sound perfect?  

The name Aqua Breeze makes me think of Lisa Frank’s dolphins.

FYI:  I’m pretty sure eight year old me wrote many-a letter on this rock your socks of stationery!

For an extra laugh I would like you all to know that I almost typed “Ann” in place of “Lisa”.  I’m pretty sure Anne Frank didn’t do a lot with dolphins.

Now you KNOW that I’m crazier than you.

7 thoughts on “Just one more reason Anne and I are kindred spirits…

  1. Pahahahaha…your connection of Aqua Breeze with Lisa Frank made me laugh out loud. But only because I thought Lisa Frank was pretty cool myself.

    And…would you believe I've never seen Ann of Green Gables?! I should probably change that soon.

  2. Oh, Lisa Frank! I took great pride in my Lisa Frank COLLECTION! I used any money I saved on Lisa Frank paraphernalia. I'm jealous you still have some of her wares.
    Back onto the topic, I can't wait to see what you choose for Miss Magnificent's big girl boudoir. I'm seeing an "Anne Frank escapes to Green Gables in a Lisa Frank hot air balloon" theme–with your Country Mist walls in stark juxtaposition to some dark-stained Victorian furniture, accented with neon cheetahs, heart-patterened hot air balloons, and, of course, a few Aqua Breeze dolphins.
    Clearly you should hire me to be your designer. I'm full of inspiration.

  3. HAHAHAHA! This was pretty funny. I especially liked the "extra" laugh at the end…a bout ann frank.

    ps… i'd go with country mist too judging by the name, but then again, you're talking to a girl who chose grape ice for her highschool bedroom.

  4. Bwahahaha, Lisa Frank, classic!! And color names are very important to me too. When getting a pedicure I choose colors purely based on the names. Nail polish has re-diculous names! I've often wanted to be the person who creates color names. Or car names. Oh oh oh or RV names, those are the best!!! How do you even get into that line of work?!?!?

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