I’ve always been a reader…novels in particular tickle my fancy but as of late, reading time has been minimal.  And reading material has primarily been of the be a better mom, be a better wife, be a better follower of Jesus  nature.  And those things are good – no doubt about it – but sometimes I need to read just because I love it.  Because I need to hear the voice and the language and the passion of another through the stories that come from his or her own fascinating imagination.  Doing so inspires me and stretches me and makes my imagination a little grander.  
Recently I started reading The Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis because I happen to be a closet history fanatic whose knowledge base is quickly diminishing since her History minor days of yore.  It reads like a well written, interesting history text book.  I like it.  But I have to focus to really absorb all the details.  And I had sinus surgery on Tuesday.  So I figured what with all the meds and such that would be coursing through my veins for the week following, I might should go with something that required a little less focus.  
Priceless has been resting on my shelf since late July when I attended the She Speaks conference.  Tom was there signing books and giving them away to many-a eager woman…woman reader that is.  Anyway, I had never heard of his book but who am I to turn down a freebee??  So, I asked him what his book was about.  When he started talking, passion connected the lines that moved excitedly across his face.  He said it was about a man and his journey to help fight against sex trafficking in Russia.  He said some other things that I can’t remember but it was his passion that drew me in.  And his message to me in the front cover scribbled in his authoresque handwriting:  
So glad to meet you.  
Until there is justice,
Tom Davis 
Who doesn’t want to read something that merits such an amazing, passion filled autograph?!  And for the record, I’m not really an autograph kinda girl.  I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to have someone’s signature on a piece of paper but I’m pretty sure I’ll think this one’s cool forever!  
All I’m saying is that if you want to be inspired.  If you want to be moved to action and enjoy a good read at the same time, Priceless is a great place to start.  Tom is in the know about things of this nature and the details of his book are based on fact.  I implore you to read it and then when you are grieved and enraged to the point of action, visit his website to see how you can be a part of saving millions of helpless girls each year.  I have no idea what my role is in defending the helpless, but I am asking Him to show me.  I so hope you’ll do the same!  

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