Bloggy updates and the same outfit all.week.long!

Y’all. Can you believe the pretty that came with this new bloggy look? Isn’t it so calming and lovely? I hope you think so, because this is my little Internet home from here on out. Our family site still exists, and I’ll obviously still be writing there, too. But this space is mine, all mine, and I’m so very excited about it!

I think that the best way to kick off a new version of this “Tell the truth” land is to get really down and dirty about what this move looks like for me – at 7.5 months pregnant. I will. There are pictures. One mightily unflattering one. But first things first…

See those sweet little Social Media buttons over on the right hand side? I’ll be appearing on all of those regularly in addition to right here. I’d love to connect with you that way, so would you please click on all of them and follow me so that I can follow you back and we can be fun social media friends? You’ll want to pay extra attention to the Facebook button because sometime in the near future [there is not an official date] I will be posting blog updates to my Facebook fan page only so as not to flood your feed unless you want it flooded! Just click on the Facebook button and then like my page. Easy as that. Family updates will still be posted through both Josh’s and my personal pages.

Phew. That’s out of the way. Now on to the real fun…

Staging rooms and deep cleaning a house while rocking the back fat and big girl yoga pants is…err…discouraging. And a little painful. Also, I don’t really sleep at night anymore. So that’s good news. Today, though, I managed to sleep pretty hard from about 3:30 am until, wait for it, 8 am. This is a teeny miracle, people. Sadly, I needed to drop Adelle off at camp and get to breakfast with a fun friend by 9 am. Would you like to know how I chose to deal with this?

I wore the same [unwashed] outfit for the fourth time this week and said tiny praise thank you’s to the heavens that I teased up a good top knot yesterday. It’s still going strong, by the way. I’m wondering if I can make it last until Saturday night. Be grossed out if you must.

I happen to have documentation of said outfit…all except Sunday afternoon’s version. It was pretty much the same, as you can imagine. It’s the black on black – and the stretchiness of it all that makes me scoop it up off my floor again and again. Judge away, but a girl’s gotta do…

Please enjoy Monday’s face. That was originally only intended for the eyes of my mama and sister, but then I had to show you the outfit re-wearing. I think I look a little like Harry Potter’s Wormtail in that one. It’s clearly a flattering choice. You can also get a little peak at Jude’s pretend room in the background.

I had a breakfast experience that stopped just shy of being what I imagine heaven to be like. More about that whole deal to come.

I cleaned, re-organized, and staged our kitchen, dining room, and living room. All I’m saying is that a home without snapshots and silly refrigerator magnets is no home at all. I believe the experts when they say that it helps people imagine themselves living here, but I think it all looks very naked.

I slapped some leftover spaghetti on plates and called it dinner.

Jude is a fan of hanging out on my sciatic nerve. This means that my lower back and butt [and sometimes possibly my mouth] scream obscenities after doing a lot of manual labor like, you know heavy duty cleaning. After dinner, I was hobbling back to my bedroom and thought, “I should probably check on the girls in the bathtub to make sure everyone is still above water before I go sit down for a few minutes.” That’s when this happened:

I scooped the dripping, naked littles out of the bathtub while simultaneously calling for back up from The Hunk. He transported them and some untainted toys to our shower for the remainder of their bath time while I stood and looked at the floaters, deciding exactly what my plan of action would be. 
I had already cleaned all day long, people. But, if I was going to have to sanitize the bathtub and the toys, I figured I may as well clean the toilet and the sink, too. Around the time the bubbly, poop water drained out of the tub, Josh walked in to find me squatting and grunting to clean behind the toilet as I said things like, “Cleaning up other people’s pee and poop is my favorite thing to do.”
He quickly matched that with, “I know. But you’re so good at it!”
To which I replied most genuinely, “Yes. And that’s what I always aspired to be good at. Crap and pee cleaning.”
I proceeded to deal with the poop tub and sanitize Noah and his ark – bless all their hearts. All while wearing the black and white yoga pant getup. Breathe a sigh of relief…tomorrow is laundry day! 
Miraculously, there were no meltdowns from the girls tonight at bedtime. Tomorrow, on the family blog, you can read all about why that’s a big deal. For now, though, let me just say that it was a gracious gift from God because the ole ‘rents didn’t have another one in them tonight. 
Starting next week, I’ll be posting about actual, possibly impactful things. I’ve been asking God to give me eyes that see…and wondering what exactly that means. I hope that you’ll have some thoughts on it, too! 
Happy [almost] weekend!

4 thoughts on “Bloggy updates and the same outfit all.week.long!

  1. I don't know. Pee and poop stuff is pretty impactful. I mean they would have just stayed there and swam in it. But you rescued them and Noah. I'm sure there is a spiritual truth hidden there. Possibly very hidden. 🙂

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