How being sick in bed is like growing stuff…

I spent the weekend in bed with a stomach virus-esque something or other. It was not a stomach virus, I’m pretty sure, but the effects of this pregnancy that continue to plague me. And today I had to choose to get out of bed and plod into God’s Word anyway.

Isn’t that a hard thing? When you are physically wo’ out and growing another human being, you just want to sit in the recliner, eat chocolate [or drink Gatorade depending on the stomach situation], and look at magazines. Oh, is that just me?

I keep telling God that He’s not funny – asking Him if it really is necessary to fill my mind and heart with possibility and what if? when I have the very least amount of energy to get behind it all. He keeps saying that He is more excited about meeting me in my need than in my plenty.

I know that.

I am also learning to take one step – put one foot in front of the other – and see what He does. If He stays still and silent, then so must I – and wait – maybe in the recliner with chocolate and my Bible instead of the magazine. Sometimes the magazine – let’s not pretend like magazines are getting ruled out here.

photo 4

Adelle asked me last week when our plants were going to grow flowers. I told her I didn’t know. She asked me why, and I told her that everything takes time to grow into what God made it to be. We don’t always know when we’ll see the flowers or the veggies or even if we will see a darn thing come from that which we buried deep beneath the earth. We don’t always know. But waiting’s always a part of the game. Plant and wait. Water and wait. Fertilize and wait. Repeat and wait some more. Sometimes they flower one season and then straggle along for another but then, THEN, there they are big and beautiful as the morning sun – geraniums that just needed a little time to become what they could be.

So when I am sick and tired and weary, I will plod forward holding onto the knowledge that waiting and being sick in bed – it’s all part of the journey.  Next season, there just might be big, beautiful geraniums!

photo 5

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