There are days.

There are days when I’m pretty sure I’m on top of the world.

Yesterday I woke up and had a rich, heart changing encounter with the Lord.

I taught Adelle a Bible verse at breakfast. She repeated it to me periodically throughout the day.

I followed our daily schedule and completed almost all of my scheduled tasks.

Both girls napped like champs.

I made a craft with Adelle and was in a good mood when Josh got home.

I got some real and productive writing done on a project that’s in the works.

I read a lot and enjoyed hanging with my kiddos.

It was all wrapped up by The Bachelor and a texting date with LA.

Seriously, on top of the world.

Then there are days when the hits just seem to keep on coming.

The kids didn’t sleep last night.

I have a gallstone and my gallbladder has stopped functioning which basically makes me feel like crap.

There is a lot going on within my family/extended family health-wise that is unsolved and undiagnosed.

Marilee refuses to nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

I want to live in the country.

I haven’t had a conversation with an adult for any length of time in a lot of days.

Dusting was supposed to happen today. It probably won’t.

Josh and I have a big date coming up this weekend and I want everything to be perfect. You may laugh out loud now.

A beauty appointment was supposed to happen today in preparation for said big date. It probably isn’t.

I’ve been tired and distracted since I rolled out of bed this morning and I really just want some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, but it would make me feel crappier so I probably won’t.

See? Lots of hits.

The point is – good days and bad days happen. I had a really great post planned for today but my brain is all floopty and jumbled. Instead, I’m seriously considering reading on the couch with my girls while TV is watched and toys are chewed upon…until I’m forced to get up and feed the little stinkers. I’m learning to embrace each day as it comes. Do what I can but don’t feel guilty about the reading or the TV time.

Just hoping this makes someone else feel better about their lives because chances are, your problems are way worse than mine!

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  1. I feel the same way. Give me a call when you need adult interaction…chances are I haven't had any either! And what is it with the babies only napping 20 minutes? P is doing that too….

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