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It’s a middle of the afternoon third cup of coffee kind of day.

Not that it’s a bad day…totally not bad at all. Actually, it’s gone pretty well.

It’s just that, well, tomorrow my gallbladder and I will part ways forever. Read: I can’t have any more caffeine for a lot of days so I’m sucking down the coffee while I have the chance.

Although I do view this little procedure as a major annoyance in our lives, I am terribly grateful that it’s only a gallbladder! Mine, apparently, has stopped functioning entirely – as in I scored a 0 on the test they ran. My doctor said he pretty much never runs into gallbladders that actually aren’t functioning at all – ever. Leave it to my organs to be the first.

Anyway, because I’m feeling a two parts dreamy, one part quirky, and one part needing something to make me happy after they slice me open in the morn, I thought we’d have a little Truth Unaltered Challenge. 5 true truths about yourself right now that other people may not know. Leave ’em in the comments on the blog – not Facebook – unless you want the whole Facebook world to see, too 😉

P.S. I friggin’ LOVE these 🙂

Ready? Go!

1. I have no idea how to use emoticons. I don’t know where to find them, how to insert them, nada. At first, I thought they were all kinds of silly but “everyone’s doing it” and my nearly 30 year old pride won’t let me ask anyone how.

2. I found my favorite hat in my lingerie drawer last week. I’ve been looking for it since we moved…in November. As in, I haven’t opened my lingerie drawer since November of 2012. If I’m being real honest, the only reason I opened it then was to put it all in a box. Thank goodness for the big weekend date [post coming soon…with absolutely no mention of lingerie] or I might never have found it! My how things have changed…

3. I felt like a total frumpy mess standing next to the twenty-year old model-ish hostesses in their tiny black dresses at our hotel this weekend. There was some event there and they had the job of being pretty and steering people in the right direction. I wanted to punch them. Just when you think you’ve conquered that whole self-esteem issue once and for all…

4. I laughed out loud at the We Saw Your Boobs number on The Oscars last night. Although the fact that there’s a reason for such a song to be written actually makes my heart really sad, I thought it humorously said, “Hey you, in the gorgeous gown all covered and elegant looking, I know what your boobies look like because you showed them to a camera and agreed to let anyone who pays $5 take a peak.” Three cheers for Jennifer Lawrence [and a multitude of others] who has never shown hers! Stay strong, ladies.

5. I’m thinking of removing the Down and Dirty from my blog title, so it’ll just read: When Truths Collide. Another variation would be Where Truths Collide. The reason being that when you type in “down and dirty” to any search bar at all you come up with a lot of hits that would fit into the We Saw Your Boobs number quite nicely. The tricky part is that people who are actually looking for something down and dirty might need a little bit of Jesus in their life BUT the people who are just looking for some honest, Jesus’ lovin’ community probably don’t feel excited about stumbling across anything down or dirty. How do we feel about that?


Your turn!

7 thoughts on “Truth Unaltered Challenge

  1. Thanks to you I'm an emoticon using machine! Also, remember that time we used to hang out? Your 5 made me wish that was true again!

  2. Excellent list! The Sound of Music?? Say it ain't so! Mentos…agreed. Life looking different than expected, talk about a can of worms! Thanks for joining in on the fun.

  3. Hey friend!! I'm really sorry to hear about your gall bladder. Are you having a gall bladder farewell ceremony? Hehe. Good luck with your surgery!

    Here are my truths:
    1) I secretly harbor hope that my husband will let me get an iphone soon.
    2) I'm so sick of Anne Hathaway. I don't even know if I spelled her name correctly, and I don't care.
    3) It took everything within me to not finish the entire tub of Moose Tracks ice cream that was at our house this weekend.
    4) My spiritual life is in a constant state of wrestling now…like Jacob vs. God wrestling. I'm ready for it to be over.
    5) I haven't watched TV all day…which is a big deal for me.

    Love you friend!

  4. Oh Emily, I hope you realize this could open a can of worms that only a licensed therapist can manage. But I need a bit of a distraction from the mountain of other things I should be doing today, so here goes…

    1. I've never seen The Sound of Music. (Pausing for the signs, the exclamations of disgust, etc.) It's true. It just wasn't a movie that I grew up around. I recognize that I need to see it, I just haven't gotten around to it.

    2. I avoid purchasing Mentos because they used to have terrible commercials. I'm not joking in the least bit. They probably still have terrible commercials, I just don't watch TV that much so I don't have to keep seeing that ridiculous man laying on a freshly-painted park bench and turn his perfectly good navy business suit into pinstripes. As if that would ever happen in real life. (Clearly I haven't gotten past these issues.)

    3. I've seen Neil Diamond in concert. Twice.

    4. Most of my closest friends are scattered across the country, and it makes me terribly sad.

    5. Life today looks very different than it did several years ago when I was planning things out. And I still (and will always) struggle to recognize that this plan of God's is better than what I laid out. Because I rock at planning. (That's actually #6, but most people who know me would agree to that, so it's not really a hidden secret truth that I'm revealing to the world via the interwebs.)

  5. 1. I DO know how to get emoticons if you have an iPhone….and I would love to share that with you because I squealed with delight when I found out without having to ask a middle-schooler from church. Go to Settings –> Keyboard –> Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard, and then click on Emoji. That's it! Then when you go to type a text message there will be a small button with a globe-like shape next to the number button…it takes you to the emoticons, and pressing it again brings you back to the regular keyboard.

    2. I LOVE owning a TV series on DVD, and rewatching it as my schedule allows…it is almost a problem. I blame FRIENDS…it was the first series I owned on DVD.

    3. I would like very much to be married. I do not ever say this out loud for fear that the emotions built up behind the statement would ruin me. I try very hard keep it cool and play the "Paul Card" but my heart's desire is to be loved, and to love. I truthfully don't mind being single, but I think that's only true because I believe in the back of my mind that the status will change…but God's timeline is starting to get to me. (whew…that was perhaps more intense than I originally intended to share).

    4. I do not care for my job, and should really quit…but I have no idea "what I want to be when I grow up". And I'm not sure that the flying-leap-of-faith method applies when student loans and car payments are pending.

    5. If money didn't matter I would move to Florida and do my best to become the woman who dresses up as Cinderella at DisneyWorld…I mean, that would OBVIOUSLY the best job EVER. Pretty dress, hugging kids all day, signing autographs – I'm IN!

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