You’re so vain

It’s true. I am.

I really cannot deny it. My family still finds it humorous to joke about the fact that they had to move childhood me to a side of the kitchen table that didn’t face a window so that I’d stop looking at myself when I talked. True life. To be fair, my vanity decreases with every passing year of my existence, and I’m pretty sure motherhood has almost cured me of it altogether.

I still like to feel like I look pretty, though, and I’m guilty of wanting my girl [soon to be girls] to look pretty, too. I’m not really proud of this self-attribute, but it is what it is. I’m working on it, okay?

This love for things that make a girl feel like she looks pretty doesn’t really fit into a world where we try to live within a budget because, quite frankly, I have expensive taste. Always have. Pretty sure I always will. Just ask The Hunk. I will, without looking at any price tags, inevitably pick out THE most expensive item in the store. Every time, people. And tonight was no different. I hit the outlets this evening for just a few minutes to run a Father’s Day errand and upon passing J.Crew felt like I really should go in.

I really should NOT have gone in.

It called to me, that knit periwinkle and white chevron maxi skirt. It said, “You know what you need me for? You need me to function as YOUR going home outfit after Marilee is born. Who’s making sure you look pretty on that day?” One look at the price tag and my reason answered back, “Not even $89 is going to do much for you in the pretty department barely 48 hours after giving birth. Let’s be honest, lady.” And out I walked without a darn thing to show for it. I can’t even find it online so that you can fall in love with it, too, and congratulate me on my champion self-control and reasoning skills!

You should also know that I went in Janie and Jack shortly after that. What is wrong with me? They had a matching baby romper and big sister dress that would have only cost me $50 altogether.  See?

I put those back, too.

…I should get a medal for that! -Ross

2 thoughts on “You’re so vain

  1. You SHOULD get a medal! =) I'm officially praising you for sticking to your budget. 48 hours post partum, for me, not my prettiest moment, lol! But I continue telling myself that everyone is looking at the baby anyway–and there's a reason for that! Ha! Is it stalker-ish I always comment? If so, I do apologize.

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