Just a day in the life…

Sometimes we FEEL like we are terrible mothers when really we are not.  Sometimes [most of the time] there  IS something we could be better at.  I’m not the best playmate there ever was.  I wasn’t even a great playmate when I was a child, to tell you the truth, but my girl LOVES to play.  It’s her life…as it should be, right?  So today, in between chores, I stopped and played with the priss.  
We put baby’s hat on lamby, took Hound Dog for a walk on Belle [our real dog]’s leash, wore the rain boots for good measure…

…and got all caught up in silly jewelry fun!  It really was a good day.
And now I present the many faces of my magnificent girl 🙂

The End.

3 thoughts on “Just a day in the life…

  1. She is Cuuuh-yute! I'd like to formally request her hand in marriage for my son. He promises lots of fun jewelry throughout their married life together. Occupations in which we think he may be successful include veterinarian, UFC fighter, furniture mover, soccer player, or composer / conductor. I promise to have him potty trained; I plea the fifth regarding pacifier usage.

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