Not enoughs got you down? Me, too.

We move through our days doing and going and playing and wiping.  Loving and supporting and praying and help-mating.  We strive and we toil and we drink a lot of coffee.  Then we lay down in our beds and wonder if we did enough.  If we are enough to the people who truly matter most in our deepest soul places.  And if you are anything like me, we usually decide that we are not.  That we must do better tomorrow, be better tomorrow.

And it doesn’t matter how many times our friends dole out good mama compliments or our hunks gush over our enough-ness, we still cannot completely believe them because they do not see us in the moments when we are not enough.  We are broken and cannot possibly always be enough.  We are not Him.
But He IS enough.  
I, I’m the One comforting you…For I am God, your very own God, who stirs up the sea and whips up the waves, named God-of-the-Angel-Armies.  I teach you how to talk [insert all your not good enoughs], word by word, and personally watch over you.  Even while I’m unfurling the skies, setting the earth on solid foundations…”  Isaiah 51:12-16

And so if today or last night or every night you find/have found yourself shedding tears into the silence, mourning your not enough-ness, perhaps you should turn on a light, even if only a small one, and think about who GOD is and what HE promises to do FOR you.  He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t fail.  
And when you find yourself comforted, the not enoughs quieted, remember that He is the One who comforts you.  He hears your cries, holds your tears, and sends your help.  Acknowledge Him when the comfort is true and lasting and passes understanding because such comfort is always from Him.
And though those not enoughs will probably continue to peek around the corners of our souls now and again, we do not have to invite them in for tears and self-mourning.  We do have the power within us to leave them gazing longingly at a life lived hand in hand with God-of-the-Angel-Armies.  Our God who IS enough.  
We praise you, Father!

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