Fun Friend Friday: Lindsey

Lindsey is a soul sister – deep and true.  She and I walked through a Bible Study together that changed us entirely…such things bind hearts together for eternity.  That and the fact that she showed me what it looks like to be real AND love Jesus with your whole heart.  There have been others but Lindsey was the first to make me believe it was possible.  When we are together, we laugh.  A LOT.  Lindsey says the things that we’re all thinking and, in my opinion, has learned how to do so in a God honoring way!  She is wife to Brent and mama to two sweet little boys, Wade and Eli and [coming soon] Miss Faith Ann.  She is desperately in love with Jesus.  And with the Word He has given us!  And she believes in truth – of all kinds – but truth is good.  Period.  God says so! [John 8:32, James 1:17]  And here’s Ms. Lindsey:

Ballin’ Y’all!!

Those closest to me would definitely say I am a black girl trapped in a white girl’s body.  I say this with the unmost respect.  There is nothing remotely racist about anything I am about to say.  Truth be told, our African American sisters can do a whole lotta things better than us white girls.  When it comes to keeping a rhythm, the average white girl just…how can I say this…struggles.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved shaking my tail feather.  Any time music came on, I started rockin’ this booty from side to side.  I’m telling y’all, something just takes over my body.  I really can’t stop it sometimes.  And why should I?

Most days, I am doing the stay-at-home mom thing.  Most days, I am wiping snotty noses, cleaning babies bottoms, or organizing and reorganizing the, what seems to be, multiplying collection of toys we own in our home.  Most days, I am a loyal wife, a Sunday School teacher, friend, sister, and daughter.  But today?  Today, I am letting my hair down.  Today, I am letting the dirty clothes pile just a little bit higher.  Today, I am letting the dust collect over my furniture just a little bit thicker.  Today, I am putting on my dancing shoes and getting my groove on in the best way I know how.  Below, are the lyrics to the chorus from a newly released Christian rap song by an artist who lives in my area.  I’ve also provided the link below to the entire song.  Before you listen to the song, I  want you to take a minute and just read the following lyrics to the chorus… 

“If tha Lord is in tha building and ya really know ya feel Him, get ’em high!  Get ’em high!
If ya feel him in ya soul, won’t you step up on ya toes?  Get ’em high!  Get ’em high!
If ya love tha way ya feeling, won’t ya try to touch tha ceiling?  Get ’em high!  Get ’em high!
Can’t nobody gonna do ya like the Lord.   Go on praise God!!”

Sometimes, don’t ya just need to get your praise on?!  Sometimes, don’t you just need to hush the sounds of life, turn up the volume on your favorite praise jam, and shake ya tail feather…ALL for the glory of the Lord?!  That is me, today.  Life is just hard, you know?  And it ain’t gettin’ easier.  So, why not stop?  Stop what you’re doing, click on the link below, turn the volume way up, and dance like nobody’s watching.  Life just isn’t life if not spent in the presence of the Lord.  What better way to do just that than dancing and worshiping Him?!

Go on, girls!  Get ’em high!! 

If you fell in love with Lindsey like I did, you can get more of her at HIS Word is Life!

3 thoughts on “Fun Friend Friday: Lindsey

  1. Big Al is the bomb dig! I have to say… it brought me back to my high school/early college jam days… except this time I was praising God and not dancing up on some random man. This is a good thing.
    Lindsay… you are a true s-s-s-s ooul sista

    emily— i know the exact dance you did to this song, with your lips poked out.

  2. #1 What you said about me was totally sweet and made me smile and cry and miss you ALL at the same time.
    #2 This post has so many typos. I'm so 'shamed of myself. This former English teacher knows better.
    #3 This song still makes me dance no matter what.
    #4 I am so thankful you are my friend. Your honesty and love for the Lord is inspiring.
    #5 I love you and miss you so much, it hurts!

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