My Aching Heart

I am grieved and overwhelmed by the enormity of what needs to be done – within my own heart and in this world.  I feel as though I am fighting a gigantic war against my selfishness and their poverty, against my complacency and their brokenness.  It is, without a doubt, a war I cannot win.  I cannot even march forward into battle because I am weak and inadequate – insufficient to heal their hurts or even comfort my own aching heart. 

Oh God, show me how to follow you in simple obedience.  I don’t know what else to ask for.  What needs to be done tomorrow or next week or next month or next year is too exhausting to contemplate and my thoughts will not settle into their proper places long enough to put a plan in place.  So, I will go to bed and pray that tomorrow when I wake you will show me what to do next – how to march, placing one foot in front of the other, hand in hand with sweet Jesus into the world of the hungry, the dying, and the hopeless and offer them the only thing I have to give.  You.

Show me how to be all things to all people – so that they may know your love.

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