Dear Overachieving Emily,

You do not have to be the best at everything you do.  You only have to do the best you can do with what God gives you to do. 

There are better writers, mothers, wives, and followers of Jesus than you.  That is true.  But if the goal is not to be the best or even be among the best, who cares if there are better whatevers than you?  If the goal is actually to please Jesus – to do what He asks you to do – if no one ever notices, if you never publish one piece of work, if you never become one of those ladies in the church that people are like, “Oh, you have GOT to meet her.  She is so much fun and she really loves the Lord.  She’s like the best wife and mom ever,” but you do obediently walk hand in hand with Jesus through the entirety of your life, isn’t that enough for Him?  Shouldn’t it be enough for you?  Does He actually care about how many people you influence OR does He in fact care about how often you exuberantly say “Yes” to whatever He has asked you to do?

The pressure is off.  Take a deep breath and enjoy being a wife and a mama.  Those are your primary responsibilities.  And they are important.  The writing is gravy.  Lagniappe, if you will.  It will happen in His time the way He wants it to happen. 


P.S.  If you ever do walk among “the best”, wouldn’t you rather that you never knew it?  Because while overachieving can cripple you, arrogance will destroy you..but we’ll talk about that another day.

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