The Blessing of Plans Altered

The plan was to wake up, send Adelle off to church with Daddy, and haul Marilee and all of her baby goodies over to the new house to at the very least finish cleaning. Then Adelle woke up at 5:00 and Marilee’s meds had to be administered at 5:30 [thank you time change]. Josh got to handle this go ’round of tragic events. When I woke up at 7:30, Adelle’s tummy was hurting, apparently VERY badly if we’re judging by the amount of flailing around and crying she was doing.

I let myself feel annoyed that our brand new house will sit un-cleaned and un-painted for yet another day, and then I slid into gratitude. We are all exhausted. Deeply and truly exhausted. I believe I’ve detailed this for you on several occasions, so I’ll just leave it at that. We get a freebie today. An excuse to stay home in PJs and watch movies and nap in our beds when we are supposed to. It means that I get to catch up on a little blog reading and packing and resting.

I missed everyone’s 31 Days series! Do you know what The Nester wrote about this year? “Home. On purpose.” Do you see how valuable this might be to me right now? Today I was reading Day 3, in the middle of decisions made and purchases “needed”, I am reminded that,

A home’s greatest purpose is to serve people. Amen.

Therefore, if the decorating and the cleaning and the home-owning in general gets in the way of serving people, including my family, then it has become too much. And if I am spending money on beautiful without leaving room for service, I am failing. There is room for both. After all, God is the creator of all beauty and Jesus is the beginning of all service. Amen.

I love that the opportunity to worship surrounds me every day – even via The Nester, in my PJs with dirty hair and The Incredibles and a fussing baby as background music.

This plan-addict is BEGINNING to find the blessing in plans altered. I pray that on this November Sunday, you find blessing in an unexpected place.

Keep on keepin’ it down and dirty. Love y’all like crazy!

2 thoughts on “The Blessing of Plans Altered

  1. Bless you sweet Emily. God knows you needed this day of pj lounging and taking it all in stride. Pappy and I almost home from Branson and had the most beautiful drive ever! The bright reds, golds, and orange colors n the trees were intoxicating. How could we not worship our awesome creator? Perfect Sunday.

  2. Hey, i was thinking about you today and I'm So excited to see what plans He has for you in this specific house/location. To think of all the other doors He closed, just to have you wait for this wonderful house.. He must have something "beyond beyond" for you. Love you friend!!! I can't wait to see the Casa (if we can) when we are there in Dec!

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