My afternoon off: Chronicled

For the past several days, I’ve been feeling a little antsy. And Miss Magnificent and I, as much as we are in love, needed a break from each other’s faces. No shame in that. My hunk, being the super hero that he is, volunteered to hang out with our girl for the afternoon so that I could do whatever I darn pleased. I kid you not. He is that amazing. My afternoon proceeded as follows:
  • Grab my SECOND Grande Decaf Java Chip Frappucino from the ‘Bucks of the week and suck it down shamelessly.
  • Drop the Bella Boosk off at Petco for a MUCH needed haircut. Giggle slightly as her paws skid across the slippery floor because she SO does not want to go into that grooming room. Feel a little guilty about giggling.
  • Head over to Joann’s to look for inspiration for Baby Girl #2’s bedroom. Make a bee-line for the little girl’s room because, hello, I’m pregnant and I just sucked down a Grande Frap. Feel giddy walking through the walls of fabric. Have I ever mentioned my love for fabric? It’s a borderline addiction. Do you love the purple, gray, and yellow together? I love, love it. We’re moving forward with that for now but be warned that my room colors are subject to change on a whim. Whatevs – she’s my baby girl. I can do what I want.
  • Cross the street to Home Goods, my happy place. Seriously. I walk in there and I feel happier. Talk to Mama while making my way through the store – twice – and listen to the adventures of new parenthood being had by Stephen and Molly and their new, sweet, cholicy, Emily Ellen. Find the cute yellow elephant lamp that wants me to buy it. Practice great restraint and do not buy the lamp. Find a purple pillow that also wants me to buy it. Practice great restraint and do not buy it, either. Five stars for me. Leave feeling oh so happy and very inspired for our new girl’s space! 
  • Call The Hunk to see where he and our Priss are. They are just leaving the house. “Come home and rest or go do something else,” he says to me. Make a mental note to give him a big smooch later.
  • Spot Kohl’s across the parking lot and think, “Sure!” Land very quickly right in the middle of the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s. Discover that everything is 30% off and wonder what I could sell to buy a dress. Put on that little cherry number above and ponder even harder what I might be able to pawn off to purchase it. Alas, I come up blank. Get a pair of shoes for my friend Christen’s wedding, though! They are a necessity so I am able to justify them. 
  • Leave Kohl’s because I think I might pass out due to hunger. Baby Girl is GROWING! She demands a lot of food a lot of the time. Stop at Chick-fil-a for a Grilled Chicken Garden Salad with Blue Cheese dressing. 
  • Marvel at the fact that non-pregnant Emily thinks salads are pretty gross. She only eats them when she’s pretending to be on a diet in her head or is with super skinny people who always eat salads or, I don’t know, grass, which seems like pretty much the same thing to her. Pregnant Emily, however, gets no greater satisfaction than that which comes from indulging in leaves and tomatoes and other from the ground things. Think about how maybe I should try to channel pregnant Emily post-August when that baby weight is hanging on.
  • Leave Chick-fil-a and head back home, all the while thinking about how brilliantly delicious that salad was. Still feel weird about enjoying a salad so very much. 
  • See Home Depot on the way and think, “Sure!” Pick out possible paint colors for baby girl’s room and feel obliged to inform a gentleman who is poking fun at his wife/girlfriend about how purple is NOT a neutral color that it can, in fact, be a neutral color. Say it jokingly and hope it doesn’t sound obnoxious or intrusive after it comes out of my mouth.
  • Arrive home to a freshly cut and weeded yard – hooray for landlords – and enter a completely silent house. No jumping dog. No squealing stinker pot. Just glorious silence. I really don’t know what I should do with myself now!
What do you like to do on your day off?

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