Flabby Brain

You know how when you haven’t written for a while, the writing muscle in your brain gets all flabby? And writing a simple email or status update takes pretty much all the word power you’ve got?

I’m there.

Some of you have asked me why I haven’t been writing. The pregnancy is part of it. I don’t actually know what the other part of it is, honestly.

I’ve always said that my ability to write is directly related to my relationship with God. I think He does that so I know where the words come from – and the ability to put them on “paper” in a way that people can relate to. And so when I walk through and extended period of failing to look at God, to draw near to Him, my words wane.

There is so much I want to tell you about. So many things God has opened my eyes to over the last month or so. So much I want to hear your thoughts on! Like the power of looking at God – not at what He is or is not doing in your life but simply at who He is. And those moments when the knowledge that He has been loving you deeply and intimately all this time filters down from your head to to your heart and soaks into your aching spirit. How hormones may possibly make us the truest versions of our fallen selves – and what to do in the face of those controlling, crazy makin’ boogers. And how it feels to wake up one day and realize that the sky is not falling but even if it does, it’s all going to be okay.

And about how I have cried at some funny things this pregnancy. And dreamed about Vince Vaughn a few times. I don’t have a thing for him, FYI. I mean I think he’s 8 shades of funny when his mouth isn’t filthy, but I don’t have a thing for him. All the same, he has been hanging out in my sub-conscious, apparently.

I really can’t wait to hear from y’all. I’ve been missing you 🙂

And now I must go cool this flabby brain of mine down. Maybe a good Pinterest cruise-through will do the trick 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flabby Brain

  1. Glad you're back!! I've missed your words. Also… as I was thinking about the hormones and the crying boogers… I thought of Hannah, and I wonder if she looked like we do when we're crying to God, flailing our bodies all over the place. 🙂

  2. oh, the pregnancy hormones. i get nauseated, angry, and depressed just thinking about them. but "yea!" for yours, lol! =) And, I agree about them makin' us face who we REALLY are, sort of. I also think it's possible they magnify it, or at least, I want to think that. I've said since my pregnancy with Evelyn that as soon as they approve an antipsychotic to take DURING pregnancy, I'll do it again. Ha! Love you and miss your writing too.

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