Craft Show and Tell

Alright, gang. This year I have been a crafting fool. I do this…I feel like it’s a sort of semi-annual cycle. Something inspires me and then I dive head first into the crafting crazies. And then eventually I burn out because of the hot glue gun scars on my fingers and the burlap threads that I keep finding all over my ever-lovin’ house. But for a few weeks, I churn out the craftiness like I’m a super-mom. Such a pity that this only lasts for a few weeks. Pinterest has allowed my productivity during these crazy crafty cycles to reach an all time high. Because, honestly, I rarely think of really cool ideas by myself. I see someone else’s incredible idea and then I copy it. The end. Shall we begin?
First up, we have the moss berry Christmas tree topiaries. I got the idea from here. She writes in a foreign language so I’m not even sure what her name is. Camilla, I’m assuming. Anyway, I had little vacant pots from long time dead ivy that looked a lot like the pic. I went to Hobby Lobby in search of that furry looking garland to wrap around some small styrofoam cones but could not find any. I settled for green moss and opted for red berries instead of silver stars. I just pulled ’em right off those brown vines you buy at the craft store and poked ’em in there. I got the sticks from my yard. True life.
Next up we have the ruffle curtains made from sheets. I had these twin size sheets in my closet and when I saw this tutorial from A boy, a girl, and a pug and these curtains from Anthropologie, I decided to combine them. And this is what we got! Perfectly breezy [IIII’m breezy! You can’t say you’re breezy…that totally negates the breeziness!] curtains for my light and airy office. Super duper easy!

And then we have the two completely adorable canvas Christmas trees that I pinned around Thanksgiving-ish. One is from Sweet and Lovely things. It inspired the burlap on the canvas. And the button as the star. The other is from Leslie Ashe and inspired the brilliant rolled craft paper method. I wanted Adelle’s room to be Christmas-whimsical. I think we achieved it 🙂 This one was eight shades of easy and cost me absolutely nothing. The canvas is an old one that I messed up on and tossed to the side for later repainting. The burlap was leftover from another project. Pack of craft paper was some I had. And the button, well we all have buttons hiding in drawers, right?

Oh, and the pillow for Adelle’s bed. I’ve kind gotten into rolled flowers. All I paid for on this bad boy was the stuffing. I had the fabric for the pillow and scraps for the rolled flowers from a flag banner I made a while back. I sewed it in a square and hot glued the flowers to the top of the pillow. Pooh says hello. He wanted to hang around while I took the picture.

And lastly, this wreath was eight shades of easy, too. And cheap. Maybe $8? I saw the pic on Pinterest but have no idea where it came from. 3 feather boas and a small wreath. I wound ’em around the wreath and hot glued every so often just to make sure they stayed in place. It’s on Adelle’s door. Ca-yoot!

And there you have it…craft show and tell! Have you been inspired by Pinterest?

4 thoughts on “Craft Show and Tell

  1. Oh how fun! The curtains are gorgeous! I wish I was crafty, but I'm so not. My girls are and they are filling my home with lots of crafty love!

    Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  2. CUTE!!!! I've "favorited" a similar Christmas tree on etsy, I think, and you KNOW I love the zig zag fabric. =) I'm in a season prohibiting me from much (if any) craftiness, but I love it and miss it; and I'll partake again soon.

    And "Outgoing message changed…."

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