The Super-Woman Epidemic: Part 2

For every Pretend Super-Woman, there are two or more women who fall into an entirely different category. We’ll call them Afraid to Try Women.

The Afraid to Try Woman is intensely aware of her own inability to be Super-Woman. She knows that perfection is beyond her grasp – that her house will never be the cleanest, that her hair will never be the prettiest, that her children will never be the smartest or most well-behaved, that her blog will never have the most followers – and so she just throws in the towel. The daily reminders of her own inadequacy weary her and cause her to retreat from life. She spends almost all of her time within the confines of her house because it feels safer there, less like a test. Or at least the only judge there is herself. She, usually, winds up BEING the loathed stereo-type of the BonBon-eating, Soap Opera watching, yoga pants wearing, Blog reading mommy; OR the TV dinner eating, bad hair embracing, man love-hating thirty something single woman.

I know because I’m also a recovering Afraid to Try Woman. [Bless my heart, right?]

Do you know that the solution is the same for her? More Jesus. More Word of God. More honest prayer. And she’ll look up and marvel at all that living she’s been brave enough to do. And how she feels more at home in her own skin than she has in a really long time.

When that happens, Miss Afraid to Try, don’t you forget to remember why. Jesus. It’s always because of Jesus!

One thought on “The Super-Woman Epidemic: Part 2

  1. Hahaha! Em, once again so good! And so scary, I felt like you were describing me in both the "super woman" and "afraid to try woman"… Which leads me to believe I could always use some more Jesus.:)

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