Another One for the Memory Books: Girls Weekend 2011

Three days. Five nights. All fun. My gals arrived at the airport at midnight on Wednesday night. I thought to myself as I was on my way to get them that I haven’t been out of my house past ten o’clock since…I’m not real sure. It felt a little strange, though. Christen was laughing that laugh that pulls at least a good chuckle out of me even when it’s midnight. Katy managed an authentic and tired smile while pushing a sleeping Olivia in her stroller and pulling her luggage behind her. Vanessa doled out her sweet, nose squinching grin – I snatched it up gladly. We were so smitten to be together that we didn’t collapse into bed until 3 a.m. THREE! 
Disney morning came REAL early the next day. Disney arrival came late as a result. And Disney departure came only a couple of hours after that. It WAS hot. And we were all very tired. But we at least got a tasty-roo of the magic!

We all napped that afternoon, got un-sweatied and dolled up, put the kiddos down for bed, and headed out for a late dinner. Turkish food. HOLY-MOLEY! The food was incredible and the laughter was better. We left full…all kinds of it.
We crashed early that night because we were all on the verge of a collapse after the three a.m. insanity and the Disney sweat ’til you drop shennanigans. After a good 9 hours of sleep, we rolled ourselves outta bed, packed our lunches, and headed to the beach. It was so incredibly relaxing and the girls LOVED it! What a great day to be able to chat about whatever the ocean breeze blew in! 
A short car nap merited an early bedtime for the littles and fun movie time for the grown-ups. Date Night had us rolling! Another 3 a.m. bedtime followed some serious catch-up and soul sharing time.
We coffeed and breakfasted ourselves quickly the following morning, made ourselves presentable for public society, and left our girls at home with a sitter [Thanks, Rebecca!] for some shopping fun. Quote of the day from Katy: “You be my Clinton and you be my Stacy.” Katy and Vanessa racked up! We missed Christen but were glad she got to hand with her other fun friends, too! 
The rest of the trip was full of girly playtime for our stinker pots and lots of jewelry fun thanks to Aunt Vanessa’s incredible supply of shinies! I love the bath time pics! Poor Olivia probably thought I was a crazy person! 
We are the unlikeliest of friends, which we giggled wildly about during their stay. But they are among a very tiny group of women with whom I am entirely myself. We shared secrets, old and new, over an embarrassing amount of chips, ranch dip and mint Oreos. And we just were. No rules. No agenda. It was blissful. I love them each for who they are and as we grow older I marvel at how God has woven a bit of each of them into me. How He continues to use us in each other’s lives to dole out encouragement, support, accountability, and a vastness of joy.
Vanessa [the bad A career woman with a heart of gold who is quite possibly the best listener there ever was], Olivia [the tiny little pixie who can hold her own with the big kids and has a smile that will melt you into pieces], Katy [the sporty mommy who can rock a t-shirt way better than I can and is one of the most loyal and available friends I’ve ever known], Christen [the life of the party gal who’s honesty is so delicious it leaves me wanting more every time], Me [well, you know me], and Adelle [the priss potted and tender-hearted girl who patted Olivia’s back and kissed her on the head and fake cried right along with her when she was upset AND rocked the big girl jewelry with the best of us.]
 Thank you, ladies, for yet another memorable weekend. And for letting me be a part of you being you. 

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