True Life:

1.  I’m feeling antsy in my soul these days.  I’m not real sure what that’s about or how exactly to spell it out on screen, but I’m feeling it all the same.  And I’m ready to be done with it.

2.  I’ve reverted to my sugar dependence.  Two large glasses of sweet tea/day and a bowl of ice cream at night really is over the top.  And my body does not appreciate the abundance.  Come to think of it, neither does my antsy spirit.

3.  Some of my favorite women in all the earth are coming to see me in NINE days!  I’m working really hard not to over or under plan their days with me.  Who even makes a statement like that?  Antsy-spirited me, that’s who.

Back before we had babies.  Or very much real life under our belts.   Oh to know the freedom of those days again.

4.  I want to write a book.  In fact, I believe that God wants me to write a book.  There, I said it.  I don’t know when.  I don’t know how.  I don’t even know what.  But someday a book I will write.  Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that I have anything to say that every other blogger/book writer hopeful has said/wants to say.  There, I said that, too.

5.  It’s nine o’clock.  I’ve yet to finish my second cup of coffee and Adelle is wearing her backpack and her pajama top while watching her second third episode of Dragon Tales.  And we do have some things to do today. I wonder how that’s gonna go?

No solutions.  No clever wisdom.  Just truth.  If you have a solution or some clever wisdom or your own true life top 5 so that I will not feel alone, I would very much like to hear about it!

5 thoughts on “True Life:

  1. True Life: I up at 7:34 and layed in bed until 8:42 reading blogs.

    Also true life: I ate potatoes au gratin with reckless abandon last night. My body has yet to forgive me for that one.

  2. 1. I still wear that T-shirt in the picture ALL the time…in public. My husband recently threatened to throw it away.
    2. I fed my children peanut butter crackers for breakfast. It's the breakfast of champions, right? :/
    3. I love being a stay-at-home mom but sometimes feel I'm not measuring up…to what I'm not even sure. That seems so ridiculous.
    4. Someday I think it would be fun to go to culinary school and work as a lunch lady at a public school making delicious, homemade meals for hundreds of children. I would serve them yummy fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Behavior problems would vanish, test scores would increase…Don't you love that this one comes after I told you I fed my children peanut butter crackers for breakfast? HA!
    5. I CANNOT wait to see you, Adelle (and Josh, too) and spend a few days doing just enough stuff with the girls who make me feel like I can be exactly me with no need for extra explanation.

  3. 1. I'm antsy, too. Let's plan an extended chat about that. I really like to plan things that should just happen naturally. (i.e., kissing Matt. Lol!)

    2. My body would LOVE some sugar. Just a little. And some cheese. I'll be off this cleanse when I get to you, but I'm guessing she'll only let me add one of the two back to my diet next week. Boo!

    3. Planning is fun. Let's make a schedule. Really! I need to plan my wardrobe or I'll feel like I don't know what to pack. If I wear workout clothes all five days, y'all will probably judge me. It's a good possibility that I will, though. I'm currently wearing the same tank top and shorts that I wore all day yesterday. I've ran in them twice. Grossed out?

    I actually feel like I had a lot of life under my belt in that picture. I have more life under my belt now, of course. I have a lot less weight under my actual belt now, though. That was a hard year.

    4. Write a children's book and go from there. It's a good place to start. Not so overwhelming.

    5. I woke at 7. Got up at 8:30. Ran. Laid in the floor from 9:20 to 10:50 "resting." I don't have kids to use as an excuse.

    6. Do you have handweights?

    7. Can't wait to see you!

  4. Tamara…sometimes I spend an hour reading blogs while my child is watching Dragon Tales. I've tried to eat better today…by having toast and jelly for breakfast and a PB&J for lunch.

    Katy…I believe you about the t-shirt. Today I'm wearing an old white tank top and an LSU cap. I'll not be changing before I go to the Bible study that I'm half in charge of. I feel as if I never measure up and I never know to what. And you as a lunch lady?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so glad you included that one 🙂

    Christen…how about you write a book and I'll read every time I need to laugh 'til I pee in my pants? Perhaps you can share some of your weight loss knowledge…clearly my sugar OD-ed body needs the help. There's a plan coming your way today. I do not have handweights but we do have bands. And if you want to go to our gym, Josh can bring a guest. BAHAHAHAHA…something about that statement made me giggle. I'm not even sure what!

  5. 1. So glad that it's called "antsy" and NOT menopause…
    2. I have written a book and am having it published right now; not so glamorous…more like a JOB! But hey! I wanted to do it and did.
    3. I miss my kids being little "sometimes" (I realize that memories get fonder as I get older.
    4. I don't eat much sugar; my metabolism isn't that good any more.
    5. It's after 9 p.m. and I just got Parker Ann to sleep (WAY past her bedtime…shhhh, don't tell anyone!

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