Oh Hunk of Mine

We were 17 and terribly in love…all “one day when we get married” and “never enough kisses.”  And he would babysit with me, playing shamelessly with those kiddos…oblivious to my house playing shennanigans.  I knew then that he would be an incredible Daddy and something about that made me love him a little deeper.  Right there at 17.

And now, two years into our child-having adventures, he is a better Daddy than I ever could have dreamed up.  He is kind and giving and patient beyond human capability.  He is gracious and giving and the better playmate of the two of us, truth be known!  And when he prays with her, OH when he prays with her…be still my heart, my soul.

You are QUITE the Daddy, oh Hunk of mine.  And, wow, am I glad that you are MY baby daddy 🙂

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