Truth in a Movie

The Hunk and I watched Taken this weekend.  It was intense.  And good.  And I’m glad I finally talked myself into watching it.  I get to worrying about things I cannot control, sometimes, and I have to be careful that what I watch doesn’t put new worrying ideas in my head.  Thus the delay in watching Taken.  There’s not much that is more worrisome than your child being taken.

Fortunately, because I have a two year old, not a seventeen year old gallavanting through Europe, I was detached enough from the story that it didn’t give me nightmares.

And on the upside it has got me thinking a lot about our God.  I love it when He does that…uses the every day to teach me about Himself.

First, I spent a semester in Europe when I was twenty.  With Fun Friend Katy.  And we weren’t stupid but we were naive.  The second night we were there, we got in the car with a fellow that we had not known for more than 30 minutes.  Okay, that was stupid.  He told us we were going to meet his girlfriend at a bar.  And we believed him, hopped in his tiny red car and thought nothing of it.  We did meet his girlfriend at a bar but I never thought about how differently that could have gone down until I watched the movie.  Katy and I spent the night on the streets of Barcelona.  Entirely alone.  Because of our silly American travel confusions.  People…it would have been NOTHING for someone to snatch us up.  NOTHING.  Once we took the wrong bus and ended up in a shady part of the town we were living in very late at night.  And we had to wait a long time before the next bus showed up.  I’ll stop there but there are more.  I assure you.

So after I watched that movie and realized how many times I probably brushed shoulders with evil, I couldn’t help but be amazed at God’s protection.  My Mama says she prayed me there and back…I’ve never believed her more than I do now.  I walked around with a little prayer power bubble around me while Lord only knows what did all it could to take me down.

I’m just sayin’…God can do whatever He wants.

Second, in the movie at the end when her Daddy busts in and saves her.  And she collapses into His arms.  Wow.  I could actually smell my own Daddy’s coat in that moment.  I’m not sure why I think of his coat, but I do know that smell equals absolute security for me.  If you had/have a good relationship with your Daddy, you know what I’m saying.  There is no where safer than in your Daddy’s arms.

And truly there IS no place safer than the arms of our Father!

His center holds.  He is the ultimate picture of stability!  So when you are feeling attacked, afraid, or just plain weak…collapse into His arms and bury your head in his coat.  There is more comfort there than you can possibly need!

Keep on keepin’ it down and dirty.  Love y’all like crazy!

What about you?  Have you found truth in an unexpected place recently?  Link up and tell us about it!

One thought on “Truth in a Movie

  1. Oh, how protected we were! As I was reading this I was thinking, "Okay, I need for my parents to not see this…" As if they weren't keenly aware of the many potentially sticky situations we would be encountering/did encounter-naive, indeed. God is good and I still think of that time as one in which SO MANY life lessons were learned. Love that I was on that journey with you!

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