One of THOSE mornings…

Today I woke up to toddler hands patting my face and saying, “Mommy,” with her small voice.  And then I got out of bed and changed her diaper, opened the blinds, let the dog out, poured up her smoothie, started the coffee, went to let the dog back in only to discover she had muddy paws.  Again today.  So I yelled toward the back of the house where The Hunk was dressing, “I am NOT washing this dog’s paws off again!”  No. response.  So I left her outside.  And tried to get the choo choo [AKA Thomas the Train] on for Adelle.  All technology was failing me and I simply could not get it working.

Next thing I know, Miss Magnificent has let the dog in on her own.  And she has tracked sandy mud all in my freshly cleaned house.  And my blood pressure rose another notch.  So I picked up that dadgum dog and put her in the freshly cleaned bathtub to rinse off her disgusting doggy paws.  At which point The Hunk walked in and asked what was wrong???  And I [without technically yelling] listed off all the things that were wrong, leaving out the one where I had to wash the dogs paws off AGAIN today.  He fixed the technology issues.

I sat down to read my Bible as The Hunk rushed out the door and Miss M threw puzzle pieces on my lap…  and then decided she was bored with Choo Choo and would prefer Do-Do [Dorah].

For. the. love.

So how do you push through one of THOSE mornings where you’ve already been a cranky pants mommy?  How do you manage to salvage a day that, it seems, is already asking you to throw in the towel?

You finish your Bible reading AND your second cup of coffee.  You stop long enough to lower your blood pressure and embrace the chaos of your life.  And you ask God to change your heart…to do it all for you…to help hold your big girl panties up so you don’t slip right out of ’em into a big ole’ royal temper tantrum.

And me?  I’m gonna go take a shower and head to the bouncy middle at the mall.  Because I don’t have another day of leggo house building in me.

Just sayin’.

Love y’all!!  Check back tomorrow for a Fun Friend Friday with a twist šŸ™‚

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