…And it’s only noon?

Do you ever look down at the clock to find that it’s only noon?  But surely not.  Surely you could not be this beaten, bruised, and humbled by noon.  And you think, “Would it be okay if we just hit reset and gave it another whirl?  Surely I can do better than this.  Surely.”

Here’s the short list of my battle wounds as of noon:

  1. Deal with a situation that requires me to examine my own flaws and humble myself before another.  That was before 8 a.m.
  2. Spend the next hour or so being annoyed with myself for having said flaws.
  3. Take Miss M to the doctor and get embarrassed by her utter lack of manners.  [She freaked out when a child tried to talk to her and then threw a book on the floor of the very nice, new doctor’s office and proceeded to step all over it.]  And by my obvious frazzled-ness.
  4. Tell the new doctor who I am meeting for the first time that my husband is on staff at the church.  For no apparent reason I said it.  He wanted to know if we went to church with a friend of his.  I answered, “Yes…my husband’s on staff there.”  He didn’t care.  Why did I say that?  I sound like one of THOSE pastor’s wives…whoever they are.  
  5. All the while frantically trying to keep Miss M calm and not throwing one of eight hundred fits.  And feeling like I need to explain to him that she’s normally a really happy, sweet girl.  Then feeling like an idiot for caring so much about whether or not he knows she’s a really sweet kid.
  6. Look down at the clock on the way home and realize it’s not quite noon yet…and already I feel like I have taken quite a beating.  
For the record, I really like our new pediatrician and his office and his staff.  Seriously…he rocks!  I also really enjoyed that he doesn’t wear his wedding ring on his finger [I guess because of exams and stuff] but around his stethoscope…so it’s still in plain site.  Way to make sure the world knows you’re married Mr. [Admittedly Attractive] Pediatrician-who-interacts-with-women-all-day-long!  Also, he plays Christian music in his office. And his office manager came to find me and meet me because she knew it was our first visit.  And the office is exceedingly happy and fantastically appealing to kids.  I wish I could post pictures so you could see it!
Tragically, I could barely interact with Liz the office manager because of the book stomping episode.  Or Dr. M the married because of the continuous tantrums and frantic trying to keep her happy.  It was like I was there but wasn’t really there…does that make sense?  I feel like for those of you with small, rather active children, it will.
Now that the house is quiet and my stinker is asleep I would like to veg out in front of the TV.  Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem that doing so will refresh me.  Some time in God’s Word, though?  Probably a better option.  I’ll let you know which wins out in the end.
What refreshes you when your day has already wore you slap out and it’s only noon?

4 thoughts on “…And it’s only noon?

  1. Now imagine the same scenario except there are two children and one is an infant. So, not only are you trying to keep the toddler from throwing a tantrum, you are also trying to pacify the sleepy infant who is wondering why her mama scheduled the appt smack in the middle of naptime…I switched pediatricians after that visit-I was too embarrassed to go back. I feel you sister and my answer is also, sadly, chocolate…or another savory or sweet treat. I realize I am a total comfort eater-the first step is admitting I have a problem, right? 🙂
    I hope you managed to redeem the day in the afternoon.

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