Mayhave Monday…minus the Mayhave

So, this is technically a Mayhave post, but it doesn’t start with MAY or MAY NOT have because, well, it just didn’t make sense today. 

See?  No rules.  Just truth.

Does it ever occur to you in the middle of your cranky pants, self-wallowing that God has been faithfully running after you all along?  I mean, you knew it.  You know that He is the great Pursuer of our souls but do you sometimes have to stop thinking about yourself long enough to realize that it’s true?  That He’s been slowly answering prayers and fulfilling needs and just plain filling you right up all while you were fussing and pouting and mopin’ around in your poor pitiful me t-shirt?

I had one of those weeks last week.  Where I stopped whining long enough to realize that I’m full up with goodness. 

From my eyeballs to my toes.

‘Til I can hardly breathe.
Well, that’s really nice in theory, Em, but how do you get back to the place where you see the goodness?  Where you believe the Truth? 
You ask Him to help you.  That’s it.  You just ask for it. 
“You may ask me for anything in my name in I will do it.”  John 14:14
I assure you that it is within the realm of God’s desire for your life to fix your eyes upon Him.  So, if you’re so tired of swimming in your own self-pity that you might just give up and sink to the bottom – but you have no idea how to get outta the pool.  Hello!  Ask for that floatie!  Just ask for it, sister sues!
Love ya’ll like crazy!

4 thoughts on “Mayhave Monday…minus the Mayhave

  1. Aww…perfection!! I love those times. When you just see, Wow! I'm so blessed! Especially by a group of girls with silly faces. 🙂

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