C’mon Coffee, Let’s Return to the Garden.

So, I’m waiting for my coffee to brew so that we [myself and the coffee] can snuggle into the recliner and Return to the Garden.

I’m forcing myself to do this rather than watch last night’s episode of The Bachelor.

I can’t believe I’m telling you about it.

Worse than that, I will still get to watch The Bachelor tonight while doing something productive – like folding laundry – but still I have a hard time choosing to spend time in God’s Word BEFORE my viewing of The Bachelor.  Or Bones.  Because I officially love that show and Netflix for letting me view past seasons.

But the conviction is strong – that I might be more apt to hear God speaking if I choose Him over The Bachelor.  When you say it out loud it sounds utterly ridiculous – the Lover of my Soul or The Bachelor.  Touch choice, Em.  Real tough choice.

Thanks to those of you who linked up and joined us via comment!  It was fun[ny] all around!

In other news, my Google storage is full and that’s why there have been no pictures to entertain you.  Sorry about that.  I’m working on it – sorta.

Welp, the coffee is done brewin’ and is callin’ my name.  I’m gonna throw on my fig leaves and head to the garden with Kay.  You should give a try some time…the study, I mean.  It’s really darn good!

2 thoughts on “C’mon Coffee, Let’s Return to the Garden.

  1. I do love Bones…and Netflix for letting this mama watch shows in there entirety once my kiddos are soundly sleeping. You should also check out Veronica Mars, Psyche and 30 Rock. Obviously I am well versed in the Netflix…which means I should probably be choosing a little more QT with Big Daddy G. However, we are reading through Exodus in the chronological Bible and it's been kind of a downer with all the plagues and junk. Also, I am currently delirious b/c it's too late. Oh, and I may have to throw on some fig leaves tomorrow because I am WAY behind on the laundry…and can't seem to find my swimsuit bottoms (you taught me that 🙂 Just keeping it real…LOVE YOU!

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