A Shadow of the Dream

We live in a condo currently.  We share a yard with the rest of the complex.  And with the expressway it backs up to.  There is an extreme shortage of natural light and convenient storage.  The furniture is not ours.  The carpet is old.  The walls are vanilla.  But we don’t pay rent.  Not one penny.  So, don’t think I’m ungrateful.  I am grateful.

I just have this vision. Of a big white house on a whole lot of land with plenty of room for children – the one’s I birth, the ones I adopt, and the ones they befriend – to run and play and enjoy life in a safe environment where Jesus is Lord and life is allowed to be simple. Where people walk in and feel comfortable and at ease and just want to stay a while and chat over sweet iced tea and cookies.  Something like this…  

…would do, I think 😉  But with a red door.  And a swing on one side of the porch.  And loads of flowers everywhere. [This IS the house from The Notebook if you were wondering.  I dream big.  So what?]

But I get that that’s not a reality for me right now [or ever if I’m actually hoping for The Notebook house] – financially or geographically.  And I get that life this side of heaven will never completely meet the expectations of the dream.  Because, really, what would I have to look forward to then?  

So, I found something that could at least be a shadow of the dream.  

And in my little head I keep picturing IT with a big red door.  And maybe a swing.  And the outside repainted a nice, soothing white.  And again with the flowers EVERY WHERE [following the immediate removal of that awful palm tree on the right].  And still with the room for the kiddos.  Not as many kiddos, but let’s be honest – The Hunk would DIE if he saw the volume of children running around in a snapshot of the perfect house scenario in my mind.  But enough room to add at least two or three more kiddos to our life.  And their friends won’t mind sleeping on the floor.  People will still want to come in for sweet tea and cookies.  I mean, you would want to come in for sweet tea and cookies, right?  I would like it if you did.

It’s a shadow of the dream. 

Kinda like we are living in a mere shadow of heaven right now.  

All I’m saying is that I hope my mansion in heaven looks like The Notebook house and my bedroom window looks out over the most beautiful field of wildflowers there ever was where I can watch gobs of children running and playing.  And The Hunk lives next door.  Because I always want to do life with him.  This one AND the next one. 

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