Nothing Left to Prove

 Wading into potential blindspots so God can do some (often scary) work there is a significant part of following Jesus. I believe that God’s Word is the best place to go when you can’t quite sift through what is true and what feels true. Lots of times we really want to go to the Bible so that it can confirm what feels true, not to challenge it – but often, challenge our comfortable is exactly what it does! This can make reading the Bible feel like a verbal beating – if you don’t understand that its words are meant for healing not beating.
I’m reading the New Testament with my church this year. We started in Matthew on January 1st, and Matthew has always been one of my favorite books. I never can put my finger on exactly why, maybe because its every word shouts “Jesus was really, real – and His words are really true!” But this time – y’all – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Phew. It’s all sorts of bringing the hurt – and also the healing.
I’m not going to tell you about all of it because I’m still wading through a lot of stuff that comes with a year like our family has had, stuff that I can’t quite tell yet what should be shared and what shouldn’t. I’ve found that the best policy when that happens is just to sit quietly. But as I was reading in Matthew 6 and 7 today, I noticed that Chapter 6 begins with a lot of business about what not to do loudly or publicly, about “Do not worry,” and “Don’t be a Judgey-von-holier-than-thou,” and such. While it does certainly sound like a lot of “Do not’s,” Jesus flows right into this tender and empowering moment of – “Sweet friends, just ask for what you need. When you feel like you are not good enough, instead of making a performance out of our relationship, just ask me for what you need. You are enough in me. When you feel like you don’t or won’t have enough, just ask me for what you need. You have enough in me. God is wildly in love with you – do you really think He won’t give you everything He knows you need and more?”
Jennie Allen says it best here.
“Something about the ability to say who we are and whose we are causes humility to come out of us. We can get on our knees and say our junk and do the humble, lowly task because we have nothing to prove and nothing protect. When you have nothing to protect and nothing to prove, you get so dangerous! When you have nothing to protect and nothing to prove, you will taste freedom for the first time in your life. If you wanna be free, stop trying so hard. See, the idea of the Christian life is, ‘I’m going to invite myself into your life. I’m going to exchange me for you.’ Honey, you’ve got nothin’ left to prove.”
She’s right. When you are all wrapped up in Jesus, you don’t need to perform or worry or judge because He really is enough.
What is God teaching you right now?

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