Day 14

I am SO excited about the following, so be prepared for me to gush and ramble, but know that I am not a bandwagon-er. Usually, they turn me off, so when I promote something it’s because I have learned about it and genuinely believe in it.


TheĀ IF: Gathering. It makes my heart beat fast. This is not another conference, and I genuinely believe it is not another bandwagon to hop upon. This is a group of women flinging wide the doors of possibility to anyone who wants to see God’s glory made famous, a group of women who is blindly putting one groping foot in front of the other led by nothing more than the grip of their faith upon the robes of Jesus.

I want to live like that.

I believe there are women all over the world waiting for someone to say – Hey, you – you can use what you have right where you are to reflect the glory of God like the prettiest disco ball you ever did see. Are you nervous? Me, too. Do you feel like maybe you’re dreaming a little too big? You’re not. Let’s dialogue about this. Let’s see what we can do together – in our city – in our community. Let’s not sit idly in another conference so that we can be filled up to the tip top only to ponder and wonder and continue in our boredom and discontentment. Let’s join hands and let our own feet grope into the unknown. It’ll probably be equal parts pee your pants scary and exciting. What do you think?

Jen Hatmaker wrote a beautiful post today that contains some helpful details for you. I will be leading/be a part/be whatever I’m needed to be here in Orlando. Right now, the best thing you can do is go register. If you aren’t an Orlando peep [or if you are and want to do your own thing], how about you consider hosting your own lil’ shindig right where you are? This is an opportunity to unite the women of faith in our communities for the greatness of God’s kingdom.

If God is real, then what?

That’s a real truth question, people, real stinking truth.

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