THE Truth


Day 4

I am afraid of this becoming about me. That’s the danger of sharing your “real” – people tend to look more at you and your hang ups – it makes them feel better about themselves – encouraged even. That’s what it does for me, anyway, when I read other people’s real. I’m glad to make people feel less alone. It’s part of my heart’s longing – that no one would feel like they are alone in their suffering.

But I’m not the one who has the answer. No amount of bad days chronicled, smart solutions in motherhood, or devotional thoughts can heal the wounds that have been dug down deep in our souls amid a lifetime of – life.

The largest part of my heart’s longing is that you would be driven toward the One who can heal your suffering. The only salve that can mend your breaking heart.

Jesus is all there is. He is the reason I write. He is the brave in my honesty. Everything about Him IS the truth.

So today, I have a request. Would you spend a few moments reading Jesus’ words instead of mine?

John 8:1-32 and John 14. If you are a person who shies away from Bible reading because you think, “What in the heckty-hoodah-hay is He saying,” try it here and here. This is a Bible paraphrase that might be a little less intimidating. Any way you do it, start by asking God to help you understand the truth. He will.

If you want to share in the comments, I would love to talk it out – what THE Truth has to say about the truth!

Hokey or not, Jesus actually IS the answer.

One thought on “THE Truth

  1. I started 14:1 and this text buzzed through from my Mom.

    "Gods control. Not ours. Hospice just called. Mom is running a fever and moaning and her breathing is worse. Gods control. Not ours."

    Our hearts can't be troubled. We believe in God. We believe in the power of Jesus. We believe He is coming again to take us to heaven with Him. It's enough, because it's all we need!

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