The movement toward simplicity and generosity and a little review of 7

I read 7, and I knew it would begin. I knew because I’d been dodging it – gingerly stepping left and then right, hopping forward and then back, trying my hardest to avoid the awareness that I am living in a sort of materialistic, selfish gluttony in virtually every area of my life. I knew that breaking the spine of that book would strike the first sharp blow to the spine of my cozy little dream.

I was right.

I must tell you that 7 was not as scary as I thought it would be. It was a perfect read for me because it’s honest. Jen Hatmaker’s style of writing is one that my heart can nestle up alongside. She’s a no-holds-bar kinda gal, and I dig that. Because Seven was really just an experiment that she journaled her way through – we get to see the funny and frustrating struggles for several days at a time and then suddenly we happen upon holy revelation. Just like it actually happens. I highly recommend it but only if you are ready to be challenged down to the tips of your toes – and laugh until you pee your pants a little. Fo’ reals – loved it up and down and back again.

And now people keep talking about experimenting with generosity and It’s greater to give than to receive and I hang my sorry head. Sheesh. It’s making me uncomfortable in my own skin. It’s making me want to give away all the toys [mine and kids]. It’s making me scour the internet for smaller houses, but as it turns out, smaller isn’t necessarily cheaper where we live, which sort of defeats the purpose. It’s making me walk through the rooms of our already home and ask God to show us how to give them away. It’s making me reevaluate everything. It’s making me excited and driving me slap crazy.

Where are you with this? Do you sense a movement in our generation, and maybe even the ones before us, to move toward more simplicity rather than more excess? What does generosity look like to you and your family?

2 thoughts on “The movement toward simplicity and generosity and a little review of 7

  1. Dearest, let's chat about this soon. I want to hear what God's teaching you! Phone date ASAP, yes?

  2. Totally there and ready/terrified to start the journey. I have no idea what simplicity looks like for our family, but am confident that God will reveal it when I ask. It's just a matter of saying 'yes sir' when he tells me what it is.

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