Chickens, Cats, and the Country

When we go to Louisiana, I have time to do things like read magazines and let my mind wander. It’s spectacular.

On this last trip at my in-laws, I got reacquainted with my long lost friend, Southern Living. I’ve always loved that magazine. There was an article in this particular issue about backyard chickens, and I was taken in. I’ve always had a thing for chickens. In my head I look like Sandra Bullock in that scene at the end of Hope Floats where she’s wearing her big hat and rubber boots and feeding the ducks. There’s something so peaceful and natural about that scene that has always resonated with me. In my head, chickens have the same effect. [There is no logical explanation for the way things work in my head. Just go with it.]

So, I got to thinking about our current living situation. There’s not a country thing about it. Not a thing. So I started thinking – if I am aching for the escape of country life so badly, what if I bring country life to us?? How would I do that? Chickens, obviously! And a couple of cats lounging about. And a little home garden. And horseback riding lessons! I have always loved horses and would honestly love to learn how to ride one! Yeah – I’ll do that!


The truth is, The Hunk hates cats. There’s a pretty good chance he’d keel over before he built me a chicken coop – and let me put chickens in it. I haven’t figured out to how to simultaneously keep our house clean and our children entertained, much less take care of a flourishing backyard garden oasis. And horseback riding lessons cost approximately a million dollars. BUT it’s so much fun to dream! Maybe every one of those items is just a dream, but what if somehow one of them comes to fruition? Then I will know – we all will know – that God is sweet in ways that are deeply personal and that he can do whatever he wants.

I have learned that dreaming with God is invaluable. It makes room for the divine in the midst of our every days.

So I ask you, what are you dreaming about today?


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