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I got into bed last night and said to The Hunk, “I have too many interests.” And he said, “What are you interested in now?”

Here’s the problem: I love to create. I like to learn. I have some bizarre condition that compels me to be entirely self sufficient – as in, I don’t NEED to pay for any services because I can do them all myself. I realize the ramifications of that sentence are beyond anything any of us can digest here and now and should probably be picked apart in therapy, but this is not the point. The point is, I’m eager to learn how to do/be better at things – mainly creative things. I made a verbal list for The Hunk last night. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Sewing
  • Wreath-making
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Decorating
  • Writing

We’ll stop there for now.

Do you think that any time in the next century I’ll have the time and/or resources to develop all of those skills? To indulge in all of those hobbies? I’m going to have to go with no. But, for the sake of conversation and because this particular topic sparked such a fun Facebook conversation…

I want to learn to sew. I bought the machine. I can sew a straight line. I [sort of] understand the concept of patterns. I have baskets FULL of fabric waiting to be used along with three different little girl clothing patterns for Adelle. I even started one. It’s still sitting in the basket because I got overwhelmed and shoved it all back in the envelope. True life. The shoulder saps are sewn and the fabric is cut, but I was so convinced I’d done it wrong that I shoved it all back in the envelope and tucked it away.

I don’t like to fail. I also don’t like to have to try very hard at anything.

I seriously need to look into therapy, right?

Anyway, my Gran and Gra’ma are excellent seamstresses. They are both very crafty, artsy, and talented! My Mama is, too, actually. She doesn’t realize how crafty she is. See…



Oh yes she did make that sweet little dress! If she feels like it, she can make more in different fabrics 😉 Thank you, Nana!

So, three people who can help me learn how to sew. They live across the country. [There’s a post about how God and I are working through the feelings packed into THAT sentence in my drafts. I’m hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow because come Friday, I will disappear into the moving abyss.] The good news is, I have a few friends here that know how to sew. I’ll be taking full advantage of your skills in January. I AM going to do this thing, dad-gummit. Someday, I will have a laundry/craft/sewing room. I mean, the room already exists in the new house but right now it’s just a teeny, tiny spare room. Someday, though. Someday it will be my escape!

Now, combine all of these and you’ve got an idea of what I’m thinking. They beckon you, don’t they?!




Source: via Dana on Pinterest

What’s something you’ve been wanting to learn how to do but haven’t gotten around to doing it? Let’s do it together! Operation: Do the Thing starts in January. Be thinking of something!

3 thoughts on “Mount Sew-More

  1. Em!!! I can totally agree with this ENTIRE post, aside from the fact I am childless. Either way, crafts are the Someday, when life isn't so crazy hectic, we should visit and craft. I have and unhealthy amount of little girl clothing patterns, kid friendly (mom and child) crafts, and enough deco mesh to make a wreath for every week of the year. If ever you get a spare moment in your crazy life, I'd love to share all of this with you! I love this blog, I love your family and I love you! – Cousin Amy

  2. Emily, I so identify with your statement, "I have too many interests." I like to knit, crochet, learn new crafts and I am now learning to quilt. I would have to live to be over 100 and healthy enough to do all the things I would like to do. You have the smarts and determination to accomplish! Do as Gran said, take that stuffed envelope to Louisiana and let her guide you in finishing it. Love you much!!

  3. Emily, I cannot wait to help you get started. Bring home the stuffed envelop and unfinished fabric. When I was pregnant with your Uncle Bill we lived in Vets Town in Natchitoches and Pappy bought me a repossessed sewing machine that I sat in the table and I made myself some maternity tops. I was 19 and we had zero money. That is why I am dying laughing at your pics of sewing rooms. How I would have loved to have had one. Finally got one in Stonewall. Remember.? You are going to be a great seamstress and all these other things you want to do. I love you.

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