Less really is more

It seems that all of my life is spent learning to embrace better that it is not about me. To be selfless, sacrificial, and giving. To let go of what I want and cling to what God wants. To do less for me and more for others. It is accepting that I must become less and allow Him to become greater. Whatever that looks like today, I must choose it.

And choosing it is hard.

It means that today, out of an overflow of love for my God and my family, I will wash dishes and change sheets and clean bathrooms and make a trip to Publix. I will cook dinner and snuggle, snuggle and engage with my family. I will allow a thirty minute run to BE my down time rather than 30 minutes of television. I will care about what The Hunk and my Magnificent care about. I will choose kindness and grace. I will ask forgiveness when I do not. I will shift my passions, allowing my passions to be the growth and well being of my family and even my friends. This does not mean that I am losing myself, I’m learning, but becoming more of my true self, my God-intended self.

I will not watch an hour of Bones in the place of an hour of time spent with Jesus. I will not immediately replay the negative highlights of my day to The Hunk when he walks through the door. I will not ignore my Magnificent so that I can check Pinterest one more time. I will not.

I am better when I do not think about me and what I need and what works for me. Happier even.

Aren’t you?

My broken self, the self that screams the loudest and demands the most from me, is difficult to ignore. Right? Which is why I need Jesus. And the Word of God – that is profitable to teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness. Because He MUST become greater if I am to become less.

And that’s it. I’m learning about becoming less. It’s real hard.

What about you? What are you learning about?

5 thoughts on “Less really is more

  1. Precious Emily! So glad you wrote this for my heart needed. it. I am so very tired, and when I'm tired it is all about me.

    Thank you for reminding me.

    (and joining the link up!)

  2. A world of wisdom here. Dying to self is really what it takes to find true contentment with what blessings you have. Constant focus on self satisfaction is draining while giving is rewarding and energizing. Each sacrifice brings you closer to Jesus' walk and closer to the Lords truths.

  3. Thanks Emily. This is a very practical, down to earth reminder of what walking with Christ looks like in our everyday lives. I'm taking the challenge with you to CONSCIENTIOUSLY become less in those everyday moments.

  4. Wow, this really spoke to me. I, too, must become less so that He may become more. Thanks for that reminder!

    Hopping over from the Write It, Girl link up.

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