The Everydays

I left you hanging, right? In the middle of the healing process, I just left you hanging. I promise I’ll get back to you on that. My pretty and meaningful words have dried up for the time being. But we are still living life. And Miss Magnificent gets cuter and sassier every day, if at all possible. And The Hunk and I continue to bump along the road of loving each other for always and parenting the Sassy Pants together. It’s tricky. All of it is, but I’m learning to cling more and more to community. To the Word of God. And to today.

So, here’s a little snapshot from our today.

I needed to go in for blood work this morning – nothing serious – just trying to get to the bottom of some recent health issues that may all be tied together [we’re really hoping for that]. Raise your hand if it really annoys you that doctor’s rarely draw blood in office anymore because of some contract the insurance companies have with various blood labs. It really annoys me. Because when you find out about a possible cause for all the aches and ailments – both physical and emotional – you’ve experience over the last six months/two years, you really would like to discover the verdict sooner rather than later. But the nearest blood lab is fifteen minutes away and because of various scheduling impossibilities, today was the first day I could get up there.

After one Miss Priss being banished to her room for blatant disobedience, a destroyed book, and a tee tee splattering incident that I have yet to figure out the mechanics of, I finally got us ready, lunch packed, and in the car around 11-ish. We be-bopped up to the counter, Adelle carrying her backpack like a big girl; I handed the excited to be there receptionist [eye roll] my blood order [gross] and began to sign in. “Have you had anything to eat or drink this morning,” she asked me. “Yes,” I responded. “Oh, well this is a fasting draw. We can’t do it today.” I stared at her through a few blinks, said very sweetly [eye roll], “Ok, I’ll come back,” and marched out the door with Adelle, who proceeded to throw a fit in the grass that we had to traipse across to get to the car. Had there not been a street between us and our vehicle I probably would’ve just walked away.

I called The Hunk to see if he could watch Adelle tomorrow morning while I went up there at opening to have my “fasting draw” done. I MAY have cried a little.

And then we went to Home Goods to make ourselves feel better. Adelle ate her hot dog, a cheese stick, and an apple within the aisles of that blessed store. I found approximately forty items that would be useful and/or fun for either myself or any one of my friends or family to have and purchased none of them. At one point Adelle had a conversation with an old lady, they laughed together about cheese, and then Adelle pointed at her and said, “Fa, fa, fa,” smiling excitedly. I quickly used context clues – the absence of a fat woman and the presence of laughter – and said, “Yes, she is laughing! Can you say, ‘L-l-l-laugh?'” Potentially humiliating moment side-stepped.

And then we came home. I ate leftover pizza. Began the long process of getting Miss Determined down for her nap. She got up four times today. Four. I started the laundry. Cleaned up the kitchen. Made this Starbucks Caramel Macchiato recipe that is good but is not Starbucks. I think you really do need espresso. Double strength coffee just isn’t the same.

And now I’m avoiding changing the sheets on the beds while simultaneously talking myself out of watching an episode of Army Wives because I’m pretty sure it’s not good for my marriage for all sorts of reasons that I most assuredly will not go into here.

Tomorrow I think I’ll tell you about what I’m loving this Fall. That’s light and doesn’t require any profound statements.

Amidst it all, life goes on. I’m trying to be sure I don’t miss it. What about you? What do you do when your day goes awry before noon?

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  1. Hand raise on the blood drawing. It's gross…and the blood-drawer is never excited to do it. Which stresses me out because they are the ones with the needle.

    But, Home Goods does a heart good!

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