How there is joy in grief

It’s been a little slow in my corner of the web.

It’s been a little slow in my corner of life.

It’s been a little nice, to tell you the truth.

I’m learning about still and quiet and letting things be what they are.

Grief is sneaky. And shaped funny. It hits me at the strangest moments and then at the most obvious ones. Sometimes I see it coming from afar, grit my teeth, clench my knuckles, squint my eyes and wait for it to hit. And then other times I just round a corner and slam right into it – totally unprepared. And I’m trying to let it be what it is because, as previously stated, it’s shaped funny and doesn’t really fit into any of my boxes anyway.

And I’m learning that something happens between me and Jesus when I slam into grief. My heart turns to Him, or maybe He touches my heart, I don’t really understand how it works. It’s usually the briefest of moments – these grief encounters – and then I’m on to the next thing because how can I live if I only grieve? But those moments are holy and true. There is joy in that.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about how Jesus helped me move from hard and angry to broken and leaning. And then how he healed me a little through away.

Keep on keepin’ it down and dirty. Love y’all like crazy!

What about you? Have you had any holy and true moments lately? Grief induced or otherwise?

2 thoughts on “How there is joy in grief

  1. These past few months, God has been showing me that He strongly desires to protect me and fight for me. Times when I can't fight the unfairness of it all or I can't fight the pain of the situation, He says "Ok seriously, let me fight this one for you." And I'm slowly learning to let Him do that…and loving Him more for that. I mean, God has literally (not just throwing that word around, I literally mean literally) told me this at least 12 times. Maybe it's time I listen? And rest? Good post today. Love you friend 🙂

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