How to Make Your House More Homey

I know…you thought I’d never get to this, right?  Well get to it I have but I’m not promising anything life changing!

1.  It’s not about perfection.  Truth is I’ve been in some seriously gorgeous homes that have no warmth to them whatsoever.  They were spectacular to look at but didn’t beckon me to come in, kick off my shoes, and stay a while.  They instead told me not to sit on, lean against, or breathe too hard on anything at all.  On the flip side, I’ve been in some seriously visually lacking homes that FELT exceedingly homey.  Their decorations were so, so.  The furniture was old and worn.  The colors didn’t REALLY coordinate.  But their house was THEIRS and it looked like THEY lived and rested and communed there.  Those are the homes you remember…because they reflect the people who live in them!  So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t know whether you’re supposed to hang things in even or odd numbers.  Or if red and purples really GO.  Make your house a reflection of YOU and/or YOUR family.  The homeyness will flow naturally then.

2.  Wall art with meaning.  First and foremost, I believe wholeheartedly that a house feels most like a home when you decorate it with items that mean something to you and your family.  That giant framed doily?  A gift from my sweet MIL before Josh and I were even married.  It was handmade in Brazil and the island where he grew up is known for them.  I’m not typically a doily type of girl but I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our home because it means something.  It’s perfect framed and is the centerpiece for our living room!

 See this modge podge collage?  It was made for me by The Hunk himself when we were eighteen.  It was the cover of a calendar that hung in my dorm room our freshman year of college.  It’s sentimental and reminds me of what it felt like to live right in the middle of smitten and in love all day ever day.  That matters and it will be hanging in our bedroom for this very reason 🙂  
See how a silly little treasure can become a beautiful piece of art??

The painting below was done by yours truly.  It’s not spectacular but it reminds me of the time in my life when I truly fell in love with Jesus.  And He taught me how to rest in Him.  It matters.

More personalization…scripture matters to us.  It’s a big deal in our life.  It IS our life.  I used to think it was obnoxious and cheesey to have scripture plastered all over the walls.  Now I can’t imagine NOT having it everywhere!  Not because I’m THAT holy [dramatic eye roll] but because I need it for survival!

3.  Photography that matters.  Go back up to the top…the group picture on the mantle is of both sides of our families at the beach.  I love it because it represents where we come from and [almost] all the people we love most!
4.  Snacks on the counter.  I know that sounds weird but I picked up the idea from my sister.  Every time I go to her house she has a giant bowl with packaged snacks in it sitting out in her kitchen.  It says, “People live here and eat these snacks.  You can have one, too, if you want!”  This is especially useful if you have littles at home who snack frequently.  Everything’s out on the counter for viewing and choosing!  Mason jars are a great, cheap option for storing goodies.  I also keep a bowl of snacks on the sofa table behind the couch in the living room.  I can’t quite put my finger on why it warms things up but it does.
5.  Clean the toilets.  And the base boards and the blinds.  They are big fat pains in the booty to take care of but once you do, you feel a little more at home.  I promise this is true.  Cleanliness and order matter.  They cannot be achieved at all times and it’s important not to get so wrapped up in keeping things clean that you miss out on living, but pouring into energy into the maintenance of your home IS rewarding.  Whether you’re a home owner or not!

And here are a few links that are MOST helpful in the arena of making it feel like home:

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