She get it from her Mama…

Today I danced wildly around the kitchen table while Miss Magnificent ate her dinner.  Wildly.  And she immediately joined in with some wild shoulder shrugging and head bobbing of her own.  Girl’s got skills, people, mad skills!

I felt like my Mama in that moment.  Being silly for silly’s sake.  Keeping life enjoyable and stretching deep into the light-hearted treasure chest for just the slightest glimmer of a good time and then making up your own treasure if the chest is empty.  She’s always been good at that, my mama.  That and a lot of other things.  Including being a mama.  She’s real good at that, too.  And now a Nana.  Life just keeps handin’ her new hats and she just keeps wearin’ ’em with flare.  But even better, she wears the old ones that are worn out and outworn with flare, too.  I think maybe that’s an even better skill.

So here’s to you, Mama.  Thanks for teaching me how to find Joy in the middle of sorrow.  Happiness in the midst of pain.  And more importantly for leading me to the Source of it all.  

Happy Mother’s Day [early]!

3 thoughts on “She get it from her Mama…

  1. Wow! Thanks for an amazing gift!!! The children God has given me has made my life a treasure chest of joy! When I think of the 3 of you, joy comes easy! I love you!!!

  2. You do have a fabulous Mama. And your own flair for the unexpected (and REALLY loud) shriek…drove me crazy and made me smile all at the same time 🙂 Here's to two women who know how to keep people guessing and grinning…Love!

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