Dirty is relative, right?

I had big plans for yesterday.  The vacuuming and the dusting and the park going and the blogging all wrapped up with the family movie night.

Then in the middle of my attempt at a shower and a reasonable appearance, I discovered that my engagement ring had been moved by one Miss Magnificent.  And I freaked out.  Like maybe went a little crazy.  My eyes got all big.  I fell to my knees crawling about frantically…eye brows raised…raising up every once in a while to ask Miss M, “Where is Mama’s ring?  Honey, where is Mama’s ring?  Show me where Mama’s wring is!” My tone may or may not have been sweet.  Miss M just kept pointing to my other ring saying, “No, no, no.”  She so knows she wasn’t supposed to move that ring.

After finding the ring on the floor in the guest bedroom closet, my zeal for a presentable experience was entirely lost and I settled for a hat, some mascara, and my Rocket Dogs.

We made it to the park for an hour long walk smelling the flowers…

and checking out the fountain.

I was still frazzled from the morning ring finding fiasco so I’m afraid I wasn’t quite the playmate I might normally have been.

And then neighbor friend came over for a lunch of champions – grilled cheese or leftovers.  We’ve reached that level, she and I, so I was okay with my lack of options for her.  And even with my dirty kitchen upon her arrival.

Does she look fun or what?  And let’s just admire the chubby cheeks of Miss Magnificent while we’re at it!

Miss M peaced out for some shut eye and LA and I went to hashin’ out the world’s problems.  I accomplished zero of my tasks for the day.  But over hot tea and a few tears, we worked through some things.  Did a little word vomiting.  A little soul searching.  Down and dirty style.  In the end, through the help of LA and my Mama, God has once again made it clear that I am over committed.  That I’ve gotten myself all tangled up in the “have to’s.”  In my Mama’s words, I haven’t left myself time just to sit at the feet of Jesus.

I don’t know why I have an insatiable need to say, “Sure, I can do that!”  Turns out I can’t.  So I’m re-evaluating.  Looking at some things I can cut out.  Because I could really use a little of this in my soul…

Photo by Tony Allen-Mills

Thanks, LA.  You rock my socks off…always in the most unexpected ways.

We wrapped it all up with leftover red beans and rice courtesy of the Nana

 and some Bolt action,
 both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.  
In our still dirty house.  Dirty is relative anyway, right?

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