The Leap

Twenty Eleven is ushering in a few changes in my writing life.  First, I will no longer be writing for He Loves Us on a weekly basis.  I will be popping back in there from time to time, though, so keep an eye out.  And really, who doesn’t love Geoffrey’s daily devotionals?!  I am INCREDIBLY grateful to Geoffrey for giving me the opportunity to explore my writing and to God for using my weekly contributions there and your weekly words of encouragement to affirm His call for me to write.  I will never understand how or why God chooses to use me, but I am determined to be obedient and make good use of the gifts He blesses me with. 

Enter the second change:!  This has been a work in progress for around 6 months now and my awesome SIL, Jill, has just about got it perfect for me.  The deepest desire of my heart is for Down and Dirty to be a place where we can freely explore the truth about ourselves and the truth about God…and then watch what happens when they collide! 

Enter Mayhave Mondays.  I’m not gonna give you the whole spiel here, but suffice it to say that Mondays will be all about the ins and outs of keepin’ it down and dirty.  I fully expect that through it, we will be thrust into many an ugly cry and/or embarrassing, crazy laugh.  And you will have the opportunity to participate!  Get excited.

Although the site will primarily be composed of my ramblings, you will [at least once a week] get to hear from other friends who pledge their loyalty to the Down and Dirty mantra.  They will have different passions and writing styles and will come from all kinds of circumstances, but they are all about keepin’ it down and dirty! 

I cannot put it to rest – this silly little site that has been ricocheting off of the corners of my mind for years – and I am grateful to our sweet Father for pushing it through to completion.  I CANNOT wait to see what He does in the lives of women [be it few or many] through Truth!

All I’m sayin’ is it’s about to get CA-razy up in here!
It’s entirely possible that you’ll look up and find yourself with an old clown wig on your head…
…and me rockin’ a hot pink pimp hat, the double chin, and the embarrassing laugh.  And you might think to yourself, “What in the hippty hooplah is going on here?!”

And then decide this is way more than you bargained for and lose it entirely.  But then I’ll regain my composure long enough to flash you my chiclet grin…
And you’ll think, “What the heidie hoo,” grab the swamp thing wig, and join in on the fun!

Site or no site, we’ll start Mayhave Mondays here next week!  Be there 🙂

Keep on keepin’ it down and dirty.  Love ya’ll like crazy!

6 thoughts on “The Leap

  1. Pretty excited about this. And that we're about to go back to seeing each other on a regular basis! I need some serious Truth and laughter in my life 🙂 Love you, sweet friend!

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