How in the HECK did we end up together?!

Some girls lay in bed as high school and college students begging that God would let them marry a minister. It’s true. I know them. They are nice, genuine women who I have a great deal of respect for. I was not one of ‘em. Nope. Never did I ever ask for a life in vocational ministry. Never did I even consider it. Instead, my prayers, from the time I was about sixteen and a half, if I remember correctly, consisted of pleas for marriage to one man…one boy at the time. Joshua Wesley Blackwell. With his strong jaw and soft chuckle and gentle spirit. Did I ever love that boy! [Still do, for the record]

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One thought on “How in the HECK did we end up together?!

  1. I really love this post Emily. And thanks for the gentle reminder to love and support our husbands in what they do no matter what his job entails or how much we rather think about ourselves and how their job affects us. Instead we are lucky girls because we married the loves our lives and we get to hold the special title of #1 cheerleader for these dreamy men;)

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