She Speaks…the fun part!

Okay, so I gave you the technical side of She Speaks.  The lessons learned and the challenges issued.  What I did not give you was a report on the fun that was had!

To say that I was nervous about attending alone would be the understatement of the year.  I was the kind of nervous that made The Hunk chuckle slyly and say, “I have NEVER seen you like this!”  He enjoyed himself.  I did NOT enjoy the frequent trips to the bathroom that extreme nervousness always brings to my life. 

So, I took a big, deep gulp and took a risk.  A risk of looking like a total dork.  I emailed Emily at Chatting at the Sky because I saw that she was headed to She Speaks, too!  I figured I could at least meet her at some point and not feel ENTIRELY alone.  She was supremely kind and welcoming.  Instead of saying, yeah look for me at the blah, blah, blah [which she totally could have done and I wouldn’t have thought any less of her] she extended the hand!  Her over-reaching extended hand encourages me to extend kindness over-reachingly!  I so enjoyed visiting with Emily – she is every bit as genuine and fun in person as she is on CAS! 

I also got to spend some time with a fellow twenty something named Brittany.  She has a passion for reaching young women right where they are – no matter what that looks like!  She is RAW and I LOVE that!  Check her out.

You can see a picture of all three of us on Chatting at the Sky!  I failed miserably at taking pictures during the day.

The food was great.  The speakers were gracious.  The atmosphere was exceptionally encouraging.  If you have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it!  Just be prepared to be humbled because there are so many women who are talented writers and speakers and leaders and are every bit as excited as you are about using their gifts to glorify their God! 

If you have any other questions, email me! 

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