The Proverbial Fork

These tasty little treats have nothing to do with the following post.  I just feel like baby biscuits are meant to be shared.  You are welcome.

Do you every feel like you’re approaching the proverbial fork in the road?  Like you haven’t seen it yet, but you know it’s coming.  And you haven’t an inkling which prong of the fork you should choose?  Or what is along the way on either side?  You just have a stirring sense of anticipation deep within your soul but there is nothing to be done about it.  You can’t even SEE the fork yet, for Pete’s sake!  So, you just keep walking along your existing path peering anxiously into the distance for the change you know will come – whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now. 

I’m there.  I feel as though our family is on the brink of something big.  Good big?  Hopefully.  Hard big?  Possibly.  The fact is, I just don’t know.  And I’m sorta wrestling with they why of the brink feeling.  And how to walk along the straight road, no fork in sight, knowing that a fork is coming, without failing to notice the perfect peonies to my left or the laughing children on my right. 

That is all.  There is no pretty bow.  No answer.  Just an acknowledgement that I am looking for one.

Keep on keepin’ it down and dirty!

P.S.  Tomorrow there will be more about She Speaks.  I think a week of completely UNintellectual conversation has given me more to say.

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