Coffee sipped and this weeks plans discussed with Him.  My one request today – that Miss Magnificent’s first birthday and all of it’s festivities wouldn’t pass me by while I frantically try to make everything perfect. 

Lunch prepared for myself and Miss Magnificent so we can jet out as soon as the morning nap is over.  There is a play date to be had and lunch making will not be the reason we are late.

A twenty minute walk in the miserable 9:30 am humidity to retrieve cupcakes for the [very] small pre-celebration of Miss Magnificent’s first birthday only to find that the bakery is closed on Mondays.

Sweat dripping from my neck and back and legs, etc…while I did my best to spur Miss Magnificent and our fur coat wearing dog on with encouraging words like, “We’re almost home.  I know it’s hot.  You want your juice?  Are you hot?  Just a little bit further.  I know.  Almost there.”  Neither of my companions are capable of understanding complete sentences, so the coaxing was for my half dead from humidity self.

Two fellows dressed in black, swords wielded on the banks of the shared pond in the center of the condo complex where I live.  Practicing their ka-rah-tay.  And I thought, “Really?”

Still to come…clothes to be washed, bags to be backed, lists to be made, dinner to be cooked, dog sitter to be found, Wednesday’s article to be written, gifts to be wrapped, extravagant one year old birthday love to be showered, and sleep, at some point, to be partaken in. 

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